6 Tips to Cheap Auto Insurance

When choosing the right auto insurance provider, there are tricks that you can use to coax them into giving you a lower quote. Here are 6 proven ways to slash your auto premium:

Tips #1

Choose to have a higher deductible. This means the amount of money you are willing to shoulder, with the excess bear by the insurance company. Let’s say your repair cost is $1,500 and your deductible is $500, your insurance company will pay the $1000 excess after deducting the $500 you are paying from your own pocket. Of course, the logic is that you don’t get into an accident in order to reap the most benefit out of this arrangement. You may also want to consider this if you are driving an older car and don’t need to have such extensive coverage.

Tips #2

Give priority to your present insurance provider. Your present insurance provider for your home or another vehicle have a more in-depth details about your driving habits, your financial standing and payment records. Presumably you have been a good paymaster with a healthy claim record, your existing insurance company will go further to secure your business. This leave you with more rooms to bargain and nail a lower premium policy.

Tips #3

Omit a family member with ‘high risk’ track record. If your spouse is always driving on the fast lane and have accumulated plenty of speeding tickets and involved in accidents that may be he or she may or may not be at fault, your insurance company will regard this person as a ‘high risk’ driver and therefore charge you a hefty premium. Do not include a specific high risk driver family member in the policy if you can, especially if he or she is not likely to be using the vehicle anyway.

Tips #4

If there’s one thing you can do when buying your vehicle to reduce auto insurance premium, it is to select a car with a lower repair cost. Read up on auto review about which car has got the cheapest spare parts and labor cost. A cheaper car will generally have cheaper, more commonly available spare parts, so is an older car.

Tips #5

When you sign up for your car insurance will also affect your insurance rate. Generally when the auto industry is having a peak time, auto insurance industry will also want to cash in by offering better rates. This usually happen during major festive season and year end auto clearance sale in December.

Tips #6

Opt to pay annually, rather than paying every month. This way, you can save interest that will be built-into into each monthly payment.


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