advantages, disadvantages of dwiguna endowment insurance and knowing how to claim
hello welcome to my youtube channel please like comment and subscribe advantages disadvantages of twigna are indomin insurance and knowing how to claim chatting for the way it works or endowment insurance is quite attractive to customers because this type of dual purpose policy has several features including saving and getting protection so that dual purpose insurance is suitable for people who have long term financial plans but before deciding to buy it first consider the advantages and disadvantages of the following twiguna are endowment insurance these of disadvantages of trigonal or endowment insurance the following are the disadvantages of an endowment policy before you decide to buy one the period of claim for some assured cannot be flexible so you as an insurance policy holder will be given a period of time to call it cash value so as a potential customer you have to plan the use of this finance in the long term usually because you will get savings benefits as well as protection benefits the premiums tend to be higher than general life insurance advantages of dwigna are endowment insurance meanwhile

when checking a 12-purpose policy the following are the advantages can be used as a children’s education fund plan because the endowment policy is a type of protection as well as saving so you can adjust the time period with a long-term financial plan the insurance some issues are up can be dispersed even though the policy holder is still alive when the policy expires how to claim trigonal or endowment insurance endowment insurance is part of a life insurance product that also has savings benefits that is why for the claim process is also not much different so if in life insurance claims are made by the health then for dwigna or endowment insurance it can also be done when the insurer dies however because it is also a savings account you can make a claim according to the agreement when buying the policy and of course when you don’t pay the premium you can get the maximum benefit the documents and methods for claiming duiguna or endowment life issuance are as follows report a claim that the insured has died not lesser than seven days from the incident the health sent the necessary documents to the relevant insurance company the insurance company will verify the correctness of the data and match it according to the policy provisions the insurance company will find funds to the account of the house if the documents are in accordance with the provisions thank you don’t forget to like comment and subscribe bye


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