Auto Insurance Agents – A Dying Breed ?

Are auto insurance agents a dying breed? The answer to that is yes. Auto insurance agents used to be the point person when it came to everything that had to do with your auto insurance policy. They did everything from sell you the policy to process your claims and were virtually indispensable. Unfortunately for them that is changing as shopping for auto insurance online is becoming more and more popular.

The auto insurance agent is not strictly necessary any longer. People can buy their policies online, submit claims online, and even switch insurance companies online. There are hundreds of web sites dedicated to finding you the least expensive car insurance policy that you qualify for. Conversely insurance agencies have one or two agents who are both offering the same type of auto insurance. The choice is clear and more people are making the switch every day.

The problem faced by insurance agents everywhere is that shopping for vehicle insurance online only takes a few minutes, can be done from the comfort of the consumers home, and buying it online will save the buyer hundreds of dollars a year in most cases.

When buying auto insurance online there is simply no need for an agent. The questions you are asked to fill out are all fairly straightforward and the quotes you receive are from competing companies which will always save the consumer money.

After the consumer decides which quote is best for him or her they can simply click a button on the web site and switch their insurance company. If a person has questions about a quote they receive they can ask to speak with a customer service representative and for the most part they are connected to live help right away.

The very nature of car insurance has changed due to the ease of asking for multiple quotes online. People are no longer beholden to the one or two company’s in their town. They are now able to purchase the cheapest car insurance they qualify from any company they wish.


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