Auto Insurance Rate – 3 Life Events That Can Seriously Affect It

Some periods in life are very momentous. However, there are also things that are both significant and can also cause some changes in our auto insurance policies.

Auto premiums are all affected by marriage, divorce, and the death of a spouse. Some of these life events will increase auto insurance premiums and others will decrease it. People are often reluctant to change because it is unknown.

Insurance premiums are reduced after marriage. It shows you how to have less risk and allows you to partake in the multi car discount many times. If you don’t see a decrease in price with your insurance policy after getting married then start comparing the prices of other companies.

People that are not married pay more for auto insurance. This is because more risk is attributed to those that are single. Plus, you stand to lose the married person discount.

If the changes become unaffordable then see what will happen if you raise your deductible. Get rid of your full coverage and lower it, your premiums will reduce significantly.

Your insurance company can give you more information about this. A lot is offered on the Internet that can really help you on this.

Retirement usually brings a price cut. The fact that you will likely use your vehicle less will help you save. Do keep age in mind since senior citizens have the biggest premiums after a certain age.

To save even more, seniors who are married may cut back to one vehicle. Make sure that you check into the refresher senior courses that are often offered. Such classes are intended for seniors to enhance their driving skills. Tell your agent when you complete a class as you will save on your rates.

Talk to your insurance representative regarding these optional courses. Representatives ought to have all of the necessary info.

Everyone’s case will differ, you should be aware of that. Sometimes being single will cause a price increase, other times it can be a savings. Poor drivers or those that are high risk being removed from your policy can offer a reduction.

If you marry someone that has a DUI on their record being married would not show any savings. These scenarios are applied to typical situations. Outcomes can vary greatly so keep that in mind. Anytime you have changes, there are possible modifications in auto insurance premiums.


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