Benefits Of Travel Insurance

welcome to my Channel please like comment and subscribe this will have travel should not travel insurance will here often travel domestic or offices edited friend who often buy travel ticket directly on the website on only ticket booking service provider must have known that it recent year the provider company has offered an additional option to purchase travel insurance how often do you choose this option he claimed to like traveling but he doesn’t know about travel insurance whatever is it a business trip or a vocation of course we want a safe safe and clean dream when traveling for those of you will feel the travel insurance is not important Let its examine it together first

travel insurance is one table of insurance that provides protection will we travel both domestically and abroad so you can still travel in peace especially in an uncertain situation like today I book ticket in advance until the destination country could see or even worse the trip had to be canceled for one reason or another at the destination at least if you already use travel insurance you don’t have to cry too much because the costs are not too much some people may be unfamiliar with travel insurance but some countries in the world have even required traveler or newcomer to have travel insurance for example countries in Europe and America this rifle insurance is not expensive my friend will compare to the total price of the trip and the benefit that you can get are only a friction it is still more expensive a cup of coffee that you buy and the airport are stationed the premium are relatively low there are insurance companies that offer premiums starting from 1500 foreign depending on the desired Comfort lag and the trip and the purpose of the trip what are the benefit of travel insurance basically travel insurance offer benefit in the form of insurance for tourist medical expense during the trip however a test still liking there are several additional premium that you can choose for protection for example protection against or lose the less incredible

scheduled to fight cancellation to protection for home when traveling away from home for a long period of time in general there are two types of traveler insurance offer the four is single three program that can guarantee one trip for a certain period of time usually it covers a maximum of one 100 days per trip there is also a renewal program with an insurance program that can cover a quarantee it stream a maximum of 70 take a trip truck a year okay the premium are dependent you get very depending on the company and the package we choose however please note that there is a thing that uh are not covered by travel insurance for example if the destination country is an unsafe country or has received an announcement from the government as an inappropriate country to visit whatever due to natural disaster or tourism so in order the apply for or have this travel insurance in general there are several conditions that you must hand fill one photocopy or scan of ID card to insurance application from three photocopy of passport for overseas travel 4. extremit 1 until 80 years old the process of this purchase fund or inducing insulin is divided into two schemas the first case if the insurance insurance company is included in the worldwide provider for example if you have an accident at your destination you just need to show the insurance in the hospital but not all insurance company provided this the second schema if you have an accident at your destination you can get treatment at the place first then you can ask for a certificate from a doctor as evident to to submit a claim to the insurance company at your place on Origin thank you reading for this article don’t forget to like comment and subscribe


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