BHoF and Chubb Insurer Hit The Court Over
hello everyone welcome to my channel don’t forget to like comment and subscribe Coalition of inserts pension phones commit 7.1 trillion dollar to support 1.5 Celsius degree climate call a coalition of Pension funds and insurance companies that includes aliens SE the California public employees retirement system and Zurich Insurance Group 80 have committed to managing 7.1 trillion of dollars of Assets in online with the Paris agreement School of limiting learning to 1.5 degrees Celsius the United States Nations got confirmed Net Zero assets on our alien said in a statement to stated 44 of its 74 members are setting 2025 targets that support the Paris climate objective up from 29 firms last years audience members which also include a FIFA PLC axcsa and swiss Le Achi 80 together over C 10.6 trillion dollar of assets they must adopt five-year targets within 20 months of joining and are expected to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 across their entire portofolios as providers of capital and loss

protection investors and insurers can use their financial Firepower to drive the transition to a Greener global economy they can do so by defesting from high carbon companies boosting their steaks in clean energy businesses and pushing existing portfolio companies to meaningfully reduce their carbon footprints the speed and scale of those decisions will be vital scientists say that Global greenhouses gas emissions need to help by 2030 to avoid catastrophic impacts of climate change this year’s progress is not worthy because of the war in Ukraine and a global energy crisis countertilizer chair of the aliens said in an interview into this world where there’s a lot of tension in terms of energy markets and the possibility to do something at all here is a group of investors have set targets and who performed against these targets tariker said they simply to emissions reduction by changing their portfolio companies in another sign of progress members infer investments in so-called climate Solutions such as cleaning

Technologies or green infants through two rows almost threefold to 2 253 billion dollar this year from 87 billion dollars in 2021. the alliance said the group is trying to make its Target setting approach more robust in January it said would require members to slash between 49 and 65 of the of their carbon footprint by the end of the ticket including scope 3 or financed emissions sculptory emissions emanate from a company’s broader value chain they typically make up 95 to 97 of an investors emission and can be especially hard to occur getting behind the 1.5 degrees Celsius emission is put a climate imperative and smart business the asset ownership in a report the very future of the financial system depends pricely on attacking responsibility for emissions facilitated through investment underwriting and lending the group said okay that’s all for today see you for the next article bye bye


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