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nce and conventional insurance non sharia

hello welcome to my  Channel please like comment and subscribe difference between sharing a insurance and conventional insurance the main difference between Islamic insurance and conventional insurance is the concept of management sharing a protection has the concept of sharing risk management while conventional insurance or non-sharia transfer risk the concept of conventional Insurance Management in the form of transference is protection in the form of transferring the economic risk of 30th or life of an insurance person to an insurance company as a risk greater or in other words the participant by purchasing or joining as a participant of conventional insurance will be covered by the economic Risk by the insurance company mean while sharing this which is the management of sharing our insurance is a concept in which the participants have the same goal of helping namely so asset investment or tribal rule which provides a pattern of returns to face certain risks using a Content that is in accordance despite this basic difference there are some practical difference between Sharia and conventional

protection that you should know contact or agreement or agreement the content or contact in sharing an insurance is a grand contract or type of several concept as a form of please help or bear each other’s risk among participants in accordance with Islamic law while the concept in conventional insurance is the concept of coverage by the insurance company to the insurance participant as the insurer fund ownership protection applies the ownership of mutual funds or Collective funds of the participants if there is a participant who experiences a disaster the other participants will have a provide compensation to a collection of several funds this is part of the principle of sharing of risks this sharing of risk does not apply to Conventional insurance where the insurance company managed and determines customer protections funds that come from monthly premium payments and the writing Surplus underwriting Surplus is the axis of positive of the underwriting risk management of the tabaru fund which has been reduced by the payment of compensation with insurance and Technical reserves which are calculated within a certain period protection sharing a distributes Surplus and writing to participants in accordance with exciting regulations and product filters that have been previously agreed upon as for conventional products there is no

underwriting Surplus or in other words confessional Insurance underwriting profits become the insurance company and there is no distribution to Insurance participants have a shy as supervisor but in contrast to Conventional to ensure sharing our principles sharing a insurance companies are required to have a sharing a supervisory but that performs the function of supervising the Fulfillment of sharia principles in the business activities of sharing of financial institutions including sharing of protection not conducting transactions Pro he bited in Islamic Finance 10 sections are sharing a insurance must be protected from elements of major lab scorer obscurity River and ritual bribery halal investments in the form of tabaru are carried out According to Islamic law so the Investment Portfolio will only involve Halal instruments sharing a insurance products in its development to meet the community need for sharing of protection currently shared a insurance products are very differs in the market with the same goal and spirit as well as growing the sharing industry in Indonesia many life Indonesia has actually a best product namely mean Smart Insurance Solutions Sharia our mission which provides the following benefits maximum Insurance compensation and sharing Affairs optimal investment location so it’s a loyalty benefits wipe it with health insurance as additional insurance please help to the travel fund and surplus and writing with a variety of benefits provided the contribution over by Mission Sharia is Affordable starting from 300 000 per month of durable isn’t it now completing the comfort of life sowing blessings and sharing is no larger just a dream thank you for watching don’t forget to like comment and subscribe bye


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