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welcome to my Channel please like comment and subscribe disability insurance underwriting your risks of becoming disabled please a large role in the determining how much you will pay for recoveries so how exactly do insurance companies calculate your risks of becoming disabled individual disability income Insurance required under rating whereas group plan help Insurance spread their risks among a larger group of policyholders in swing and individual policy requires the insurance companies to assist the risk of a single applicant before you get caught up the course it helps to understand the various factors that insurance companies look at when assessing threes and then your egg the older you get the more likely you are to become disabled naturally the cause of disability insurance increase as ux that’s why buying disability insurance is a smart investment for a healthy young professional one your genders all other Factor being equal women can pay up to 40 percent higher premium for

disability insurance that because they file more claim than men and for longer time periods for what it’s worth men get the short end of the stick when paying for life insurance two your Hub history your holy status today can foreignty in the future insurance will take into consideration bus or student tobacco use chronic condition family medical history your children hike and weak thistle from blood and urine tests once again the younger and healthy Health you are the better of you will be when buying and better three YouTube account insurance consider your job when assessing your risks of disability this is done for two reasons first some jobs are more susceptible to injury or illness than other policy officer fairy fighter construction worker and Manufacturing worker are more likely to get injured on the job than say your typical office worker and the second insurer also assess how to specialize a job is

the more difficult it is to perform a job with certain injuries or illness the more the insurance company may have to pay in the benefits for example an office worker will become confined to a wheelchair May return to their regular job at some point the sum can be set for a mechanic or plumber insurance companies classify job based on the hazard of the work and the difficulty in returning to the world this occupation classes are best open a job study not on the job title if an individually has multiplayer a part-time occupation the occupation classification will be determined by the occupation with the greatest risks and for your annual income disability insurance benefits are based on a percentage of your income the more you earn the more benefits you will be able to collect if you become disabled as a recent High income Earnest prison a greater Financial Risk to the insurance company and then five your location where your life can also impact your risks of disability insurance companies consider the regulations claim his story and living cause if in your state of president thank you for watching this article don’t forget like comment and subscribe


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