Do You Need Health Or Travel Insurance ? – No one is planning an emergency while on vacation, but you should be prepared. Access to medical care and hospitalization can be costly for travelers who are injured or seriously ill overseas. Social Security Medicare/Medicaid does not provide coverage for hospitals or medical services outside the United States. Do you need life insurance? , see this description Before you leave the United States, you should be told what medical services your health insurance will cover abroad. Seniors may wish to contact AARP for information on foreign health coverage for Medicare Supplemental Plans. If your health insurance policy does not cover hospital or medical expenses abroad, we recommend that you purchase a temporary health policy that provides such coverage. There are short-term health and emergency assistance policies designed for travelers.

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You can find the name of the company offering this type of policy from an advertisement in your travel agency, your health insurance company, or in travel publications. In addition to health insurance, many policies include trip cancellation, lost luggage, and travel accident coverage. Some traveler’s check companies have protection policies in place when purchasing traveler’s checks.

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While some health insurers may pay for “customary and reasonable” hospitalizations abroad, few will pay for a medical return to the U.S. Depending on your location and medical condition, medical evacuation can easily cost $10,000 or more.

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One of the main advantages of health and emergency assistance policies is that they often include medical evacuation coverage to the United States. Even if your regular health insurance covers your emergency abroad, you should consider purchasing supplemental insurance to cover medical evacuation. No matter which health insurance you choose for your overseas trip, remember to bring your health insurance policy ID and claim form with you.

Do you need travel insurance?

Dental Health Insurance in California You may not need travel insurance if you are already adequately covered by other insurance policies. Depending on the travel insurance plan, travel insurance usually promises to cover you against trip cancellation or interruption, some form of emergency medical care during the trip, lost or stolen luggage, and various other troublesome events. Before you decide on a travel insurance plan, it is wise to study the plan carefully and read the fine print. You should carefully check any agreements with your travel agency, travel agency, airline or other company related to your travel plans. Agreements may include written warranties.

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If you have a fully refundable ticket, you may decide that you do not need travel cancellation/interruption insurance. On the other hand, it may be worth noting that some insurance plans can protect you by paying financial expenses in the following situations:


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