Employee insurance benefits are for employee welfare
welcome to my YouTube Channel please like comment and subscribe employer insurance benefits there are many benefits of employer insurance that can be obtained by workers regardless of their positions here are some of the benefits 1. employers feel more comfortable because they feel protected when employers already have insurance they will feel more comfortable when working that’s because you have given them a guarantee in the form of protection from things that are not wanted we never know when disaster will strike although Insurance cannot prevent the occurrence of rigs at least the risks has been born by the insurance company so employers can work more quietly 2. protecting employers financially it is undeniable that Hulk is expensive the average person has to pay a lot of money when he checks himself to a doctor especially if the illness is a serious illness this is where

Insurance can play a role because it can protect them financially when they suddenly get sick and don’t have enough money they can rely on health insurance which can then be reimbursed at the office in fact several companies also provide Insurance facilities that are Costless and reduce the ceiling so that employers do not need to spend their money first three minimizing risks when affected by disaster the main function of insurance is to minimize risks and profile protection when an employer Falls ill for example to cover the cause of care those employers are better prepared when they fall ill far improving employer welfare providing employer insurance will have an impact on their welfare this means that employers can see that you are a company that carries not only about profit but also

about the health of its employers 5. increase employer loyalty employers with safety and comfort need are met at work tend to be more loyal companies that give a lot to employers will get great loyalty in return employers are reluctant to leave a company that carries about employers 6. get the best employers companies that offer insurance as part of compensation will find at Asia to get the best employers compared to companies that only provide salaries companies that provide employers benefit in the form of insurance have greater appeal what is employer insurance in order to improve the welfare of employers every company should protect them one of them is the employer insulin facility the profession of health insurance will be one of the consideration for an employer to enter a company how Insurance facilities as one of the employer benefits in the company will provide protection in the form of health insurance for employers and their family members especially husband or wife and children usually when companies provide benefit in the form of health insurance to all their employers the type is group health insurance thank you for watching this article don’t forget to give like comment and subscribe


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