welcome to my Channel please like comment and subscribe in this article we are going to talk about your Maritime lawyer in Houston marketing lawyer in Houston provides legal representation to Maritime mockers because when Maritime accident do occur victims and the families can find themselves navigating a sea of complex laws wondering which ones can help them obtain them benefits and compensation they need to recover and rebuild following environmental injury made of Love’s admiralty and Maritime attorneys work closely with a team of subject matter experts to investigate and pursue claims for people who have been injured offshore or in a marketing workplaces such as Sports and dry dogs these cases often involve unique jurisdictional issues on and complex from work of regulations and laws myth of love has tickets of experience successfully handling admirati and Maritime cases our attorneys have successfully tried or settled cases involving broad areas of Maritime law suggestions and claims and claims under the Longshore and harbor office conversation act or lhwca claims brought under the death on a high seas Act and the set law claims for offshore platform are rig injuries pursuant to the outer Continental supplements Act by choosing Metal Flow clients can rest assured that they are working with one of the Premier personal injury law firms in the country recipients of several prestigious Awards founder Richard meetoff have has been a twice designated a verb’s top but then trial lawyers in the United States with his almost 50 years of experience to his name mitoff and his team all highly acclaimed in their own right have won several high-profile legal cases including confidential settlement for to receive company claiming 265 million US dollar increase financing cost due to oil spill of confidential settlement was obtained for a thrillship company claiming it incurred 265 million US dollar in increased Furnishing cost for its deep water drilling break as a result of the 20 uh 2010 curve of Mexico oil spill confidential settlement for crane operator severally injured in dry Doctrine collapse a convented a confidential settlement was obtained for a crane operator who sustained service permanent and discipline injuries when the Korean he was operating broke away from its pedestal and collapsed while he was working at a trident facility in Galveston and then confidential settlement for a man whose leg was amputated in workplace accident at Port of Houston a confident a confidential settlement was obtained for a man who suffered catastrophic injury when he was run over by a tall motor while working at one of the dogs at the Port of Houston the men’s like had to be amputated as a result of his injuries what is Maritime law General Maritime law is a body of law developed by the courts that establishes common law solution for injured sustained at sea specifically Maritime law protects seamen who work on American vessels either civilian or military and may sometimes outplay other workers who work in close proximity to bodies of water including oil rig workers lawn chairman repairman and other workers there are a number of status that also regulate Maritime injury claims including the chance act the long share and harbor Walkers commentation and the other Continental cell plans Act who is considered a semen determining how Maritime law May apply to a claim often turns upon whether an injured person is considered a Jones examin status as a Jones examine can affect the rights and remedies available to an injured person in general terms the John XC man is a workers who spend a significant portion of their time contributing to the work of a vessel that is in navigation this definition may not seem complicated but the body of law interpreting that the basic description is complex and filterous three disease a full explanation can be provided here but some basic rules of thumb are provided below for General informational purposes the experience and reality and multi-maternities at mid top law has 50 kids of experience navigating the complex framework of rules in this area the vessels in navigation a vessel in navigations generally means a watercraft or any type of Machinery that is intended for use in navigable Waters as a means of transportation a commercial fishing vessels or offshore rig surface but would become an example that could fit the definition an offshore fixed spur platform in all likelihood would not be considered a vessel in navigation how the worker contributes to the vessel not every Walker on a vessel in a vacation is necessarily considered a cement in order to meet the necessary criteria a worker must generally directly contribute to the goal of a vessel in navigation for example a ship Smith who regularly contributes to the vessels operation at Sea would be more likely to qualify as a Jones XC man than a land-based consultant for a shipping company who infrequently operated company vessels to family leaders himself with their operations a significant amount of time in order to qualify as a seaman under the Jones Act some courts have imposed a rule of thumb that worker must spend at least 300 30 of their time on specific vessels are specific Fleet of a vessel ultimately it’s important to consult with an experienced Maritime maturity to help determine whether or not you are considered a seaman at a time of injury and whether or not the Jones act applies to your claim injured at Sea contact a meeting of the law Maritime lawyer in Houston today accident victims and their loved ones should make should seek as a representation from a skilled admiralty and Maritime lawyers as soon as possible the attorneys admit of law have a Decades of experience in admiralty and Maritime law and can assist with your claim I think that’s all guys the information that I can say to you thank you so much for watching and if you need information about Maritime topic you are in the right channel why 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