Football Fever, Insurers’ Headache

Football favor ensures he dates whatever disappointment the recent World Cup may have broke football is possibly more popular than ever with this of course comes opportunity the money to be made by the clubs media and the players has escalated at an incredible rate as the state get higher an increasing number of conflict appear and the threat of financial loss becomes even greater this can lead to dispute and mean that people turn to the insurance Market to manage their risk as a backdrop to the recent World Cup the club vs country debate was raging well before Miss Ferguson and Eriksen disagreed.

Over Wayne Rooney’s food the powerful G14 group representing some of Europe Regis Club is currently located in a power struggle with World football’s governing body FIBA ge-14 are supporting respective claim broke by Charlie a club in the Belgian first Division and Leon French Champions against FIBA chair Larry shoot FIFA in the chair Laurie Commercial Court accusing it of a unlawful use of Club players in national team the Belgian Club filed this case after one of its players Abdel majored almost was hard playing on National Duty for Morocco in 2004. FIFA had used its powers to insist that omers play for his country G14 and chair Laurie won the current Viva rules on their compulsory release of players for international matches shot illegal or amended through a deal with the club G14 also asked for 860 million dollars in damage from FIFA for the course incurred over the past 10 years of putting players at fibos disposal to play a national team and their subsequent unavailability in their silver injury the building Commercial Court ultimately rejected the G14 demand for 860 million pound but referred the case to the European court of justice and the question of the fundamental legality of viva’s rule on releasing players the ECG is now set to rule on whether FIFA regulation for the status and transfer of players complies with the AC 3D specifically article 39 and article 49 and whether the FIFA rules governing players release are an abuse of dominant Precision under Articles 81 and 82 of the treaty in the past European court has designated sport to be a spatial case regarding football as a social movement rather than a business thus avoiding an adverse ruling under the above articles Viva seek to retain its right to exist in certain circumstances that a player must play for his country the ECG eventual finding on whether FIFA regulation should be subject to EU law and if so whether the National Football.

Association should compensate clubs for injuries sustained in their employee Wills on International Duty with undoubtedly be of the utmost importance as there has been no requirement to compensate clubs up to this point insurance coverage of National Football Association is not the norm FIFA currently has a pool of approximately 6 million pounds from which it can compensate where players are injured on International duty but this is well to be in a dig with also although the rather speculative claim for the medius was rejected in the Chandler case it may well like the way for further claim if successful damages claim are made throughout Europe this will also be another reason for National Association and governing bodies to seek over this issue has been thrown into Stark relief in England following the serious injury to Newcastle Michael Owen at the World Cup at the time of writing it seemed unlikely that Owen will play again in 2006. the English FA has agreed to pay his wage During the period of his wreck cooperation and has insurance cover for that purpose it appears that Newcastle purchased additional insurance cover Through the fa but still consider the compensation offered by the fa2p in a deckway it is however unclear how any greater level of compensation might be calculated any allegation that Newcastle will be more successful on the beach but for an injury to a star player Sim 4 too speculative to be successful and there are similar problems is assessing the loss of merchandise sales or sponsorship earning this problem and the Charlie case underline the need for Club to reveal the insurance cover for players on International Duty their standard policy may not cover International training and matches thank you


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