General advantages and disadvantages of insurance

welcome to my Channel please like comment and subscribe there are the Advent texts and disadvantage of life insurance according to its General suddenly insurance is increasingly familiar to the public but still not everyone clearly understand what and how to in the concept is actually a played by an insurance so it is not uncommon for people to be disappointed and feel disadvantaged after using Insurance generally there are many products or tippers of insurance offering and one of the attracts a lot of public interest is life insurance therefore life insurance need to be honored with the aim that economic needs are not disrupted to two risks to print winners during productive time or to prepare for a happy and prosperous all is in additional insurance is very useful at time but is often Unthinkable when things are safe so that life insurance is very reliable especially when an in this terrible situation occur for information there are several steps of life insurance it’s of which has in our own at fat things and disadvantages most people I don’t understand it’s also it’s so they only realize when they have been the premium in the following we profit the review of the tapes Adventists and disadvantages of life insurance

there are generally known to the publics before getting to know the Advantix and disadvantage of life insurance according to its type you should also understand and the Adventist and disadvantage of insurance in general the following are the advantage of insurance in general One Insurance is future chefing when you are in your productive eggs the time is right to work as hard as you can have their own become on a free too many income however keep in mind that you need saving in all egg you need to prepare a reserve fund on the future especially for health some of the income can be differed to Insurance considerate that insurance offer quarantee protection in the even of a race to help Munich Financial Insurance has premium costs that must be paid every month and every year the premium amount is adjusted to the insurance product taken depending on the insurance company’s policy as well the excitation of Premium responsibility indirectly have you accept a seat of century percent of income this can limit you from spending money to buy conservative and really items 3 can transfer risks having insurance is the same of transferring your risks to uninsurance Company by paying a relative small premium when compared to the resource

when the risks occur you can make a club claim to the relayed company the claim amount will be paid directly by the company according to the agreement the claim is spent in full without any cost reduction 4. in additional to the Advantix Insurance also have disadvantage include fine will be for Tevin if you stop in the middle of the road in ancient there is Sun fund System customer who cannot pay premium in the middle of the roof can no longer make claim this is the lack of insurance customer we are stuck to not get a raven the right it is will be taken by the insurance company in full the system is quit 30 terminal to customer already lost money do not get any benefit from insurance products premium fun are included in the company profits keep in mind the thing that make a loss in insurance if the premium fund that become the company’s profile no need to get permission for you as a customer the company has premium fund automatically this seem unfair because there are a gap between the customer and the company in the customer will receive the claim fund but during the time the customer does not know where the funds are being playing and then the scope of filling a claim is limited as you see no customer risks often occur at any time according to the agreement the company should pay in the claim of the initial agreement compensation is paid if you really explain problem of lose however not everywhere you can make a claim if the customer has Fair insurance but the teammates incurred due to an earthquake the claim will not automatically be paid because it is far from the initial agreement and then there is no supervision from the the Sharia part another Tropic in insurance that is not supervised by the Sharia part Insurance like Risk confusion is considered Less in the protection is customer interests are the threat of not a mutable ad concept the clarity of the product offered is still questionable whenever the customer is not harmed of given benefit according to the policy agreement the fundament managed by the company do not yet know whatever that will have a social impact or not okay thank you watching for this article please like comment and subscribe bye


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