Health Insurance Coverage Varies Broadly by Race, Income in the U S
hi welcome to my channel and please don’t forget to like comment and subscribe I want to talk about health insurance coverage varies broadly by raising come in the U.S for many Americans particularly the uninsured the cost of care can keep them from receiving needed treatment let us data from U.S Census Bureau household but survey indicated 8.1 percent of Americans 18 and older like health insurance coverage though this figure varied by the across different demographics about six percent of non-hispanic whites were uninsured according to data which was collected from July 27 through August 8th the same was the case for 9.2 percent on non-ispanic black individuals and 17.1 percent of Hispanic the estimate calculated by U.S News are based on data from survey respondent views.

Insurance status was known facts reported a lower percentage of Hispanic in U.S were insurved in 2020 81.7 then in 2012 84 percent while coverage rates among white black and Asian Americans are tickled up in the time elderly adults Hispanic also were the most likely to be uninsured for an extended period of more than a year with 21.3 feeling that description in 2020 compared with an 8.8 National rate coverage rate very broadly across income level as well according to the household pulse survey an experimental effort to capture the impact of covid-19 pandemic on the American Life which is their break is 13 of adults with an annual income under 50 000 were uninsured meanwhile just eight percent of those with annual incomes from 50 000 to under 75 000 were uninsured as we’re only 3.2 percent of those with an income of 75.75 000 or more according to 2019.

Data from the National Health interview survey the financial cost of health coverage is the most common factor leading to you as adults being uninsured for a stack ring 73.7 of uninsured.h 18 to 64. affordability was a reason for not having coverage compared with 25.3 percent reportedly were an ineligible and 21.3 percent who did not want to or need coverage at the same time from many Americans particularly the uninsured the cost of care itself can keep them from receiving needed treatment in 2020 7.5 percent of U.S adults until including 26.1 percent of uninsured adults under 65 had to lay medical care for cost reason in the past 20 12 months and 8.3 until 30.9 percent of uninsured 165 did not take medication as prescribed the safe money per nhes data this issue affected Black and Hispanic individuals as well as indigenous group at higher rates than wise and Asians among Hispanic job 9.5 percent did not get needed Medical Care due to cost while 10.8 percent delay Medical Care and 12.4 percent did not take medication as prescribed to save money this disparities may also have to do with the fact that health insurance is often tied to employment unemployment rates are typically hired for the Black and Hispanic community in U.S then for invites American and according to 2020 NIS data 12.6 of unemployed Americans 18 to 64 years old were uninsured at the time of survey interview but 17.1 percent of those employee weren’t not cover so thank you for watching and don’t forget to like comment and subscribe


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