hi welcome to my Channel please like comment and subscribe how to become a married team or shipping lawyer have you been wondering how items are transported from the countries they are my their image to countries where they are sold or how you quality important if the items go back to the place you bought them from the answer is most likely that they were transported through shipping shipping is a major means of transportation for global trade and is categorized into two forms with shipping and dry shipping while with shipping deals with issues that may occur when a ship is so on the sea dry shipping focuses more on matter such as Charter agreements funding and infrastructure of Harbors for ships Commerce cargo claims among many others as you must have already noticed shipping is quite a crucial part of any country’s economy and this is worshiping low common comes into play married him or shipping love divined shipping low as it is called in the United Kingdom is also known as narrative law sometime admiralty low in the United States and other countries it is the body of rules that controls all the processes involved involved in shipping although they marry them are shipping low are mostly the same Meridian law tells more with convention and international treaties that make up national laws narrative or shipping lawyers are attorneys who specializes in the who specialize in the brains of law apartina together navigable bodies of water the primary focus is almost regarding to all activities on sea they represent their clients in cases reacting relating to the shipping this is oceans and other open body of waters responsibility of a Meridian or shipping lawyers Meridian or shipping lawyers advise their clients on laws and business transaction and claim liability they advise their clients on whether it is sensible to press a cute or Divine lawsuit they tell their clients about their legal rights and obligation as the Meridian or shipping lawyer you will interpret laws rulings and regulations regarding quality matters for individuals and businesses you will you will also analyze cases and determine possible outcomes of cases using your knowledge of legal president or shipping lawyer you will present a summarize cases to church you will represent your coin before government agencies that oversee regulating sea and water activities Meridian or shipping lawyers get her back and evidence to Divine to the event their clients for lawsuit from government agencies or to initiate a lawsuit as a Meridian or shipping lawyer you are expected to study the constitute Constitution studies decisions regulations and ordinances for meriting issues to determine ramifications for cases you will also prepare and drop legal documents such as the contracts and records of processes when you meet a challenge you will convert with colleges with special leaders to know the way to handle the legal proceedings you will supervise legal assistance you will also negotiate the settlements of all the disputes your clients are involved in as a Meridian or shipping lawyer you will interview with NS that can help with your your cases secure over Maritime or shipping Flyers allow your ability to work in team this skill is not exclusive to lawyer as a professional and needed narrative or shipping lawyer need to have skills of respect and empathy as well as the ability to listen decision making skills as a maritime or shipping lawyer you must know how to make decision independently when this tuition demands it from problem solving skills as Meridian or shipping lawyer you are expected to solve complex Problems by exploring new ideas arguments and avenues to get a desired result communication skill it is impossible to avoid writing and speaking in your practice therefore you must have excellent communication skill you will drive documents write letters to client and represent terms in court ability to work Under Pressure a Meriden or shipping while you regularly comes under a lot of pressure when handling cases for client it is important to become and work efficiently and effectively when this kind of pressure arises you will also have to learn that you must meet however tasks are not beyond what an expert should be able to handle commercial awareness you must have a broad knowledge of curing averse and business happenings in the Meridian and shipping sector this skill is quite important as this issues also affect your clients ability to understand people since you are providing a service all your practices must be directed toward the needs of your client this also involves taking the time to listen and understand the consonant attention to detail and then the next skill is attention to this step to the type this skill is particularly important for marketing or shipping lawyer because they sometimes have to process large and some wet and some clear documents which will require the ability to spot important pieces of import information to help the guests research skills as a narrative or shipping lawyer you must always be professional by showing that you are prepared like a preparation and resource will always weaken your position preparing adequately for any case you are handling is non-negotiable other important skill for uh for every shipping or Maritime lawyer you need to be aware of and be knowledgeable about the shipping industry in your country equally you will have to understand its rules its roles in international trade this gives you an age when it comes to overseas trading and transportation educational requirements for Humanity or shipping lawyers you need a degree in law to become a Meridian or shipping lawyer standard and accredited University that over LLP programs include Sansa university in the United Kingdom over a low LLB homes this degree is structured to let you can choose from a wide range of specialized subject areas of Love reacting to the medicine human rights family the environment trade employment and media Su studies progress the duration of the program is three years full time you see the tuition for international students is fourteen thousand one hundred fifty Euro continue studying at the University as they have an international maritime law llm program that really give you an in-depth understanding of Love concerning contract for the carriage of good Mary Marine Insurance international trade and law of the sea the duration of the program is one year full time uh 16 450 Euro two years eight thousand two hundred fifty Euro and three years part-time 500 5500 Euro the University of Tasmania in Australia offers a bachelor of lost degree the program is designed from persons who wish to enter the legal profession and other careers in for involving legal work it helps students develop the value and intellectual abilities necessary to more solve work and to get critically assess and evaluate information there is and doctrines does preparing themselves for a variety of carry rules the duration of the program is four years full-time distribution for Internationals students is 31 950 Audi the University of Limerick in Ireland of offers a vessel of Lao Oral office degree the program is structured to help intellectual stimulation and exposure the detention decision making and argumentative skills developers programmers with Choice selective subject in other course including political politics history and psychology psychology economics math and languages this means that you can expert to have a wide variety of options open to your open graduation the duration of the program is four years self full time the tuition of international students is 12 270 Euro thanks for watching don’t forget to like comment and subscribe


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