How to get disability insurance

welcome to my Channel please like comment and subscribe what does disability insurance cover disability insurance cover injuries and illness illnesses that limit your ability to do what expected of you at the world seem pretty straightforward right well there are still many misconceptions about what is considered a disability and what isn’t for example what comes to men when you heard the word disability oftentimes it’s freak accident and rare part defects all of those unlikely tricky even that we believe just can’t happen to us but this simply isn’t the reality more than 20 percent of today’s 20 years old will experience a disabling even that prevent them from working for at least their month before retirement and when you consider the most common causes of long-term disabilities it’s really not all surprising take a look for yourself here arthritis back pain cancer depression diabetes heart disease stroke yes you read that right 90 percent of claim fail for long-term disability benefits team from medical illness not physical

injuries to be clear this doesn’t mean injuries such as fracturers spread and strain of muckles and ligutsman are not disabling what it does mean drug is that the scope of disabilities that can prevent you from earning an income is a lot broader than most people realize and then hold to get disability insurance When shopping for disability income Insurance any covering your you receive will ultimately come from an insurance carrier but there are several several different Avenues to obtaining coverage you may want to consider one option is to look for coverage as an individual disability insurance for individuals can be obtained by working with a licensing independent Insurance again are going directly to an insurance company when you buy an individual policy you earn it for as long as you pay the premium plus the amount you pay is generally like lock login it will not change answers you opt for more recovery individual plans are also portable you don’t lose Conflict by changing jobs or losing your employment another option is to get disability insurance trouble often group disability insurance coverage can only be obtained if it is offered to you by your employer or an association you belong to because many employers often group disability

insurance as an employee benefit they may pay some are out of the premium course group disability plans are currently issue this means if you apply for covering you are automatically enrolled there is no underwriting the biggest downside of an employer spawn short policy is that it’s possible to lose coverage this can happen in two ways first you will lose your disability insurance if you no longer work for the employer sponsoring the group plan this people of covering is content gained on your employment second companies conduct annual Renewables of their benefits including group disability insurance upon this review there is no guarantee the plane will be renewed employers can simply decided not to continue offering disability insurance while participating in group disability insurance drug work is either the cheaper individual coffee is stronger and more reliable thank you for watching this article don’t forget like comment and subscribe


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