Insurance and Hiring Process
hi welcome to my channel and please don’t forget to like comment also subscribe today I’ll bring a topic about how to bungle the hiring process the library shortage remains something that keeps corporate recruiters up most night because days these days but for many who are not tapped into what the younger cohort are demanding the wrong decision during the hiring process are by developing their efforts to bring them on recently a new report shown like on just how bad it is for organization looking to add stuff 75 of general and Z candidates have dropped out a job application they were interested in because of poor hiring processes according to Bullhorn a software company destigated of the stiffing industry by 2025 generous Jenny said employees are forecast to make up 27 of the global labor force according to report work has become commoditized for younger generation and enjoying.

A customer great experience and also it throughout the entire hiring Journey has become just as important as the work itself said Andre milte he is a project eventually support Talent experience at bullhorn Talent is abandoning job application and interviews at the same times red day abandoned online shopping carts in search of better deal or faster shipping they apply to numerous jobs in that time it took an earlier generation to find and apply to one better opportunity back cons but what are some of the reasons these workers are looking elsewhere the most common reason cited that for giving up a potential job application is achieving a better opportunity while waiting for the other hiring process to finish 31 and finds a survey of 1000 Generations Z candidate based on in North America throughout summer of 2022 however also many also complain about General lack of communication from the recruiter it is 17 along with the process taking too long it is 14 or being complicated it is 13 percent paying Prospect for their time might one measure that could dissuade this younger candidates from looking a elsewhere employers such as food share are paying for people’s time.

When a job candidate comes for an interview at the flood of food Justice organization in Toronto they are dying from 75 percent if they go pay for a second interview they’ll receive another 75 and if they are asked to prepare any kind of presentation there will be compensated at the early wage of the Precision they are applying for and then the next is it is about respecting people for their time and labor in preparing for an undergoing an interview said Paul Taylor an executive director at FoodShare things like paying for transit or paying for child care the costs associated with taking a day off with time spent reviewing also researching preparing for presentation and countless amount of our skill into that that we feel employers have been allowed to get off the hook by not having to compensate a prospective candidates for and how bad is it while this practice might become more commonplace in the future leading to the listening of the leper shortfall a new Robert Half report in Australia is showing just how acute the problem is becoming according to the report 66 of the workers have declined a job offer they are already accepted with the 54 so in order to accept an even better proposal in addition 21 of workers said they’d be open to living abroad during a professional period and because of the first the poor company culture is 53 a better offer is 43 and then job not aligning with what was advertised is 40 percent so thank you for watching and don’t forget to like comment and also subscribe


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