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welcome to my Channel please like comment and subscribe what is personal and student insurance and its unique benefits personal and student Insurance it is a tip of hot insurance that give you protection from the risks of long term last due to an accident this insurance has various unique benefits that ordinary help does not have such as you can get cast compensation as a replacement for loose income due to an accident or get treatment caused due to an accident and then you can also get compensation that is spread directly or cashless or daily compensation during hospitalization and then protect protection for you who are active personal assurance insurance will protect you from various activities and hobby such as extreme sport driving to will facial and others and then a birth tip for choosing personal and student

Insurance personal insurance is one of the insurance products provided by cop General Insurance this insurance product provides Conflict for the risk of accident causing permanent total disability teeth and medical expense and then about the following are some of the benefits that will be obtained by customers who have personal and student insurance one reducing medical expense due to oxygen two give us a sense of claim from the financial side three familiar get compensation if their policyholder is and then about while the rigs cover in this personal accident

Insurance generally include a positioning by hazardous substance P transmission of certain that content come see disaster that occurs suddenly such as motor vehicle collision shipwreck building within and throwing D physical disability due to perception from other parties and then about manuals think that are not guaranteed include switch it accident caused by War accident in the Airborne race accident due to the insurance profession as a boxer maintainer or Western and then each one who is an active member of the Armed forces and then we we explain about even so before being personal accident Insurance you should pay attention to a few things first one choose an insurance company that has a good reputation reputation can be a measure of the quality of service provided by the insurance company this can also reduce the risk of losses that are raised after you buy insurance

2. choose the table of protection and insurance policy that suits your need this is quite important to consider so that a payment of the insulin premium does not become a burden from you and there is no disappointed meant when submitting a claim three choose an insurance company that works with many hospitals if you are not struck by an accident that you do not have a brother looking for a hospital far from where you live 4. compare information regarding complaint and claim about insurance companies 5. find of the insurance at out of insurance companies from Prime friend family and other people who already have insurance products from the insurance company you are looking at say those are some tips to help those choose personal incident insurance and then we discuss about if the worker this his family must receive compensation worker would lead to the work accident their family or their heart are required to receive compensation from the company the worker did well carrying off his obligation for the company the company should give proper appreciation for the families it is a worker okay thank you for watching this article don’t forget to like comment and subscribe


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