Maintaining Maritime peace in East Asia the maritime issues one of the maritime issues which is hunting is Asia in the controversy on whether the conduct of military activities in the is that of another country is related to meet in Chi I’m sorry it’s legitimate incidents such as incidents such as the ep3 in 2004 I’m sorry 2001 and the impeccable in 2009 between China and the United States true with much attention from the world community as there is no express provision content in the Lost convention some states May invoke article 58 Section 1 of it teaches why their military activities in other countries is that the proficient rates in the exclusive economies on Allstate weather hostel or a landlocked 

Android subject to The Reef relevant provisions of the of this convention the freedoms referred to In Articles 87 of navigation and overflight and the end of the laying of Submarine couples and Pipelines and under internationally lawful uses of the sea related to the to these regions such as those associated with the operation of ship aircraft and submarine couples and pipelines and compatible with the other provision of this convention freedom in the heist is provided in article 87 are those applicable to the EZ as long as they are not contrary to other provisions of the Lost convention according to the maritime power such as the United States the term freedoms assess associated with the operation of sheep aircraft implies the liquidity of Naval manifolds in the inner foreign exact first check I’m sorry however some 

Coastal states such as Bangladesh Brazil capuerto Indian Pakistan and will require explicitly restrict an unapproved military exercises or activities in or offer there is that conducted by other countries in East Asia countries like China Malaysia and Vietnam hold the same view and position as above for Malaysia the Malaysian government also understand that the provision of the convention do not authorize other states to carry on Military exercises or manifest man no first in particular does in fulfing the use of weapons or explosive in the exclusive economic zone without the consent of the coastal state according to uh prominent militian solar there are at least three reasons to explain Malaysia’s position first in Malaysia’s view there is no law that prohibits a coastal State jurisdiction over foreign military activities in the EZ moreover unauthorized foreign military activities can undermine a coastal State security particularly if they are not peaceful in nature second the Lost convention is a treaty where the provision on foreign military activities in the EZ is a new and controversial concept rather than customary international law third the provision on Military activities in the East is not consistent with the principle of peaceful uses of the sea Malaysia feels foreign military activities in the Asia as undermining and threatening its security as well the regulations above are met under the real relational that military activities are inherently potential three dupees and could order of the coastal state foreign Center once organized a series of workshop on Military and Inter in the region scheduling at the activities in the 

East End after the EP 3 incident between China and the United States the first one was hot in Bali Indonesia in June 2002. and the Honolulu meeting in December 2003 drafted some cater lines for military and intelligence scheduling activities in the EZ foreign ship and aircraft of a state undertaking military activities in the east of another state have the obligation to use the ocean for peaceful purposes only and to refrain from the threat or use of force or provocative acts such as stimulating or exciting the defensive system of the coastal state collecting information to support the use of force against the coastal State establishing a city base within another state is that we thought its concern the users that should have to record for the right of others to use the C including the gospel set and comply with its application under international law furthermore worship or aircraft of a state intending to carry out a major military exercise in the EZ of another state should inform the custom State another through a timely navigational warning of the time dead and areas involved in the exercise and if possible in fact observers from the coastal state to witness exercise as for military surveying the guidelines provided 

Maritime surveillance may be conducted pasted for peaceful purposes in areas claimed by other sets as is it and should not Prejudice the jurisdiction right and responsibilities of the cost of Faith within its effect unfortunately this constructive catalans are rejected by the United States despite the involvement of American soldiers in the drafting process under the conclusion uh the last convention has established a role of a law rule of law regime for this ocean compliance with international law including the Lost convention is one of the requirements when stats interact and corporate in international relations there is a special provision in the Lost convention requesting Contracting States perturing and closed or semi-encosis to cooperate among themselves in particular the first the Lord treated the management concern conservation exploration and exploitation of the living resources of the sea and then the second took originate the implementation of their right and that is with respect to the protection and preservation of the marine environment and the third to coordinate their scientific research policies and undertake 

Where appropriate training programs of scientific research in the area the requirement for cooperation is of course not limited only to the above areas and should apply to Maritime security as well nevertheless it is admitted that although particularly international law has its limitation while international law is useful to cut and cover stats behavior and their impression it is unable to solve all the problems sometimes even worse new law May create a new problems this is reflected by the Inception of the Lost convention which has caused a number of Maritime issues and is built in East Asia largely due to its permission the hospital said to extend their mirror time zone furthermore due to the different interest interpretation of international law states may have disputes offer which interpretation can stand the senior American dispute recording military activities in the event is just one of the examples but yeah that’s all for today thanks for watching to work at the like and comment on this channel see you next video and bye


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