Maritime security and safety of navigation well in the term of Maritime security and safety of navigation that but uh the piracy problem is the most threatening factor in East Asia seed the term piracy is usually referred to broad range of violin at Etsy according to the Lost convention piracy consists of a new illegal act of violence or determination or any Act of the radiation committed for private Ends by the crew or the passengers of private ship or a private aircraft and directed to the first on the high seas or in a place outside the jurisdiction of any State against another ship or aircraft are against persons or property on board such ship or aircraft however the last convention to fight has limitations first it defines piracy as only for private ants and terrorists act at sea for political ends are generally excluded second according to the above definition virus tension friends to process the criminal FB exercise where passengers or the crew of a ship against another ship or persons or property on its world the two facile requirement is an in ingredient of the crime of piracy unless a criminal act occurs in Terror teranolium those internalizer within the ship is hardly regarded as the act of piracy other definition of the Lost convention finally piracy must occur on the high seas and periodical Edge within territorial waters are not subject to the above definition to remedy this limitation IMO has attempted to divide Act of piracy into two categories psychographical and local division of Maritime zones piracy on the high disease is defined as piracy under the Lost convention definition will act of 

Pharisee in port or national waters are defined as armed robbery against you international law has established an obligation for state to cooperate in the suppression of piracy and currents that a certain right to say pirate ship and criminals article a hundred of the Lost convention provided that all state shall cooperate to the fullest possible extent in the repression of piracy at the high seas or in any other place outside the jurisdiction of any state article 105 further provide that on the heisis or in any other place outside the jurisdiction of any state every state may says a pirate ship or aircraft or a ship or aircraft taken by piracy and under the control of pirates and arrest the persons and says the property on board the co the court of the state which carried out the Caesar may decide to upon penalties to be imposed and may also determine the action to be taken with regard to the ship aircraft or property subject to the right of third parties acting in good faith however only worship our military aircraft are seen or similar governmentally authorized ship or aircraft have the power to save a pirate ship or aircraft in the high seas if you’ll be ready that the above piracy provision are also applicable to the exact though it is within the national jurisdiction the convention for the suppression of unlawful act against the sovereignty of Maritime notification applies to all Maritime Terror terrorists at whether Bradford or political the significant slice in the in that if terrorists act would not be punished and suppressed under the Lost convention they are still an under the suppression of this sua convention this means that any 

Maritime terrorism by theoretical act cannot Escape Justice the other twin instrument is the 1988 protocol for the suppression of unlawful act against the safety are fixed platform located on the Continental South which was adapted at the same time as the sua convention and contains similar provision it is relevant to the East Asian sees in the context that the seeds are rich in oil and gas and the coastal State have already launched exploitation project either by themselves or chain Lee with foreign oil companies it is said that of your oil and gas installation are potentially targeted of fire-c it gets that any terrorists are periodical attacks should be aimed against oil platform or artificial Islands located in the East Asian since it could be suppressed under this protocol Regional cooperation is a necessity to effectively combat piracy in the region in November 2002 the next joint Declaration of fashion and China on on cooperation in the field of non-traditional security issues was adopted which initiated full cooperation with ancient antenna in the field of non-traditional security issues Enlisted the priority and form of cooperation the priorities at the current stage of cooperation include combating trafficking in illegal tracks people smuggling including trafficking in Women and Children See piracy terrorism are smuggling money laundry International Academy crime and cyber crime as to the moderate multilateral and bilateral cooperation it aims to the first strengthen in information exchange and second strengthened personal exchange and training and enhanced capacity building the third strength and political cooperation and non-traditional security issues the fourth strengthen change research on non-traditional security issues and the less is explore other areas and modalities of cooperation in addition the 2002 Declaration on the conduct of the parties in the South China Sea also mentioned that the suppression of piracy and armed robbery at sea I’m a significant development recently in the adoption of the regional cooperation agreement on commenting virus and armed robbery against ship inertia or recap it was signed by 16 ancient countries including Bangladesh burning Cambodia China India 

Indonesia Japan allows Malaysia Myanmar in the Philippines and then Sri Lanka Singapore’s as South Korea Thailand and Vietnam on 11 November 2004 the agreement came into force on 4 September 2006 when it received 10 ratification the information Sharing Center was officially launched in Singapore in November 2007. dear criminal applicants Contracting states to force to prevent and suppress virus and armed robbery concept and then second to arrest Pirates and person or person who have committed and robbery against ship and then the third says ship or aircraft used for committing piracy or armed robbery can sit and the fort to rescue victimship and victim of piracy or armed robbery against you the contrasting state pledge to implement the agreement including preventing and suppressing piracy and armed robbery against sick to the fullest extent possible in accordance with their represent respective National laws and Regulation and subject to their available resources or capabilities okay that’s all for today thanks for everything we’re gonna like comment subscribe this channel see you next article and bye you need


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