Maritime security and piracy the IMO has within its mandate I’m sorry the IMO has within its method to make threat and travel by CSF and secure as possible to manage and mitigate any threats with the potential to compromise Maritime security the organization develops suitable regulation and guidance through the maritime 70 committee MSC and with input from the organization facility facilitation committee fall and local comedy like for background information on Imo’s involvement within 

Maritime security International ships and Port facility security isps code the IMO International Convention for the safety of Life FC Solas 1974 as amended England’s profession adapted to a transmary Time security matters within Solas chapter 11 number 2 on special measures to enhance Maritime security is the international ship and for import facility security isps code which is a mandatory instrument for all countries party to the convention the aim of the isps code is to answer that the applicable ocean coin ship and Port facilities of IMO member state are implementing the highest possible standard of security divided into two sections the isps code contains detailed security related requirements for governments for authorities and shipping companies in mandatory part A and series of guidelines on how to meet those requirements in a non-mandatory is Part B their organization through its Maritime security capacity building and Technical cooperation program conduct various nation National and Regional activities to ensure that the isps code is implemented effectively by member states such activities are available to member states if and when required and then well piracy and armed robbery against sips this rate passed by Pharisee and iron robbery against ships has spent on the IMO agenda since the early 1980s in the late 1990s and the early 200 I’m sorry to thousands the focus was on the South China Sea and the Strait of Malacca and Singapore more recently since 2005 IMO has focused on piracy of because of Somalia in the Gulf of Eden and The Wider Indian Ocean and is currently implementing a strategy for enhancing Maritime Security in West and central Africa in line with the red team’s Maritime security agreements the organization with support and cooperation from the shipping industry has thrown the I’m sorry has Through The Years developed and adopted a number of anti-virusing measures which have contributed toward the medication of the negative impact caused by piracy worldwide [Music] information recording Act of piracy and armed robbery against ship is public publicly available subject to registration in Imo’s piracy and armed robbery model within the organization Global integrated shipping information system or cases foreign flights assistants to members that seeking to tell I’m sorry to member State seeking to develop their honest journal and 

Regional measures to address the threat of piracy armed robbery against ships and other illicit Marathon activities if and when requested this was the case of the court of conda concerning the repression of piracy and armed robbery against ship in the Western Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Eden cheap hotel of conduct a group between countries in and around the Western Indian Ocean and the case of the court of conduct concerning the represent progression of piracy and properly against ships and illicit Maritime activity in West and central Africa in the Gulf of Guinea region of West Africa foreign s and Pest management practices IMO has adapted appropriate guidance aimed at addressing Maritime security as well as piracy and armed robbery against ships for piracy and her armed robbery this involves guidance to government ship owners and ship operators shipmasters and Crews on preventing and suppressing Act of piracy and armed robbery against ships investigation of offenses and the use of armed Personnel on board ships best management practices PMP which were developed by the shipping industry outlined the appropriate procedures to be employed when responding to act or attempted Act of piracy and armed robbery against ships in specific regions the IMO support the best management practices which have been disseminated publicly I’m sorry publicly by the organization for the latest guidance adopted by IMO regarding PMP and other privacy related matters click here and an armed security on board ships IMO doesn’t take a position on the carriage of arms on Port ships and it is the responsibility of individual flight States and Coastal states to determine if the use of private privately contracted armed security Personnel or pcasp is appropriate local and under what conditions the organization has issued guidance to flag report and gospel States as well as to strip ownership operators and ship Masters on the use of BS I’m sorry PC ASP on board ships in the high-risk area of the Western Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Eden in addition the curtains for private Maritime security companies for the latest curtains adopted by IMO regarding this PCA ASP and other viruses related matters and then cyber security recognizing data ships on board information technology and operational technology system can be hacked just as easily a system Azure and this search security breaches have the potential to considerable harm to the 70 and security of ships ports Marine facilities and other elements of the maritime transportation system IMO has taken the initiative to raise awareness across the industry on how to tackle Risk by removing a maritime Cyprus management approach the overall goal is to support safe and secure shipping which is operationally press Island to Cyprus okay that’s all for today thanks for watching the rookie to like comment and subscribe this channel see the next article and bye


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