hello everyone it’s Aprilia and welcome back to my channel maritime law in the United States each country has its own set of rules and regulation pertaining to maritime law at the United States under title 28 sectioned 1333 federal courts have jurisdiction over all Maritime laws and claim matters including the right to file a maritime lawsuit in the appropriate State Court additionally Federal Maritime will allows seemed cement to file join and several liability meaning more than one party can be sued for injuries even if the liable parties only contributed a small fraction to the injuries Most states don’t allow joint and several the ability but this is an important aspect of maritime law as it allows Merit allows many parties to be labeled instead of just one even if the state where the injury took place doesn’t recognize this law types of Maritime laws when an accident an injuries occurs maritime law separates the type of Damages Maritime workers can claim according to who was injured where the injury took place and the circumstances surrounding the injury okay the first is maintenance and curve when cement are injured during work they are generally entitled to maintenance and career benefits regardless of how or when the accident happened as long as it happened while the sea man was working maintenance covers the Siemens daily living expenses during recovery such as rent or more techie mortgage utilities food indexes however expenses that are considered optional such as cable television or Internet bills are typically not covered in in addition automobile expenses including gas repairs and insurance are not included as they aren’t considered necessary to run a household clerk offers the medical expenses associated with the injury during the time of recovery including doctor visits medication and examination Rehabilitation and special medical equipment needs as well as the costs associated with traveling to medical appointments if you have been injured maintenance and career will last until a qualified physician gives you a great bill of health and determines your Apple to return back to work however if you feel that you still aren’t fully recovered it’s important to get a second or even third medical opinion because if you return to work even though you aren’t fully recovered you run the risk of eliminating other benefits and compensation you may be an adult too and then the second is the chance act unlike maintenance and Cur cement who are seeking benefits under the turns act must prove that their injuries are a result of negligence by another party and that the interest happened while at work employers are typically liable for damages shield and injury occur but the burden of proof is on the cement however it’s important to note that the burden of proof in terms act cases is much lower than typical personal injury gases and their Maritime laws see men only need to prove that their employer played a role no matter how small in causing the accident they let their led to their injuries typical reason for employer the app the ability under the joints act includes failing to answer that equipments part are up to date and working correctly and then spills such as oil and grease on the shipstick and then to failure to properly train employees before God putting them to work and the next is Joe co-worker assault the next failure to provide to the proper safety care and equipment and then overworking employees leading to fatigue and represent repetitive use injuries and the last is failure to place warning and Hazard science around dangerous areas damages under the tones act include lost wages vertical expenses pain suffering disfigurement Las Vegas loss earning capacity and more the amount of Damages will depend on I’m sorry the damage the amount of Damages will depend upon the severity of the injury and the detail surrounding each individual case it’s important to mention that aside from the initial accident and injury report you should never sign any paperwork given to you by your employer or an insurance agent they work for your employer until until you have an experienced Maritime accident carefully review the document all too often employers would rather tone play their responsibility when an accident happens and insurance agents may attempt to court Percy into signing away your rights the statue of limitation for the Jones Act is three years from the time of the injury an exception applies to the Statue if your lawsuit is against a vessel that’s owned and contracted by the United States in the in this instance the statue of limitation is shorter and will depend upon each individual kiss and then the Longshore and Harper workers compensation act maritime law also recognizes Our Workers Compensation Program known as the launcher and helper worker compensation that provides compensation to workers who are injured while working on efficable Waters or on and around adjoining areas of navigable Waters such as loading and unloading cargo from vessels repairing ships or working on Tech and peers the lhwca confers any worker employed in Maritime occupations including Longshore workers helper workers ship records and ship mechanism the egg exposed egg the ACT expert anyone who is Equitable for such benefits and compensation such office retail and Retail workers small vessel workers and in some instances Recreation vessel workers basically requirement of lhwca entail the following the first is injured employee employees are eligible to receive 99 I’m sorry 66 2.3 percent of their weekly wages for as long as they are recovering and then the second injured employees are eligible for compensation for permanent disabilities and loss of Limbs and orchid in order to replace laws of earning capacity and then the third in the event of death window article are entitled to 50 of pay according to Secretary of State’s national average within 10 deaths of the injury or within 10 days from the debt that the employer was informed of the injury a report must be furnished fun I’m sorry to be furnished to the director in the distinct District in which the injury took place okay that’s all for today thanks for watching don’t forget to like comment and subscribe this channel see you next article and bye


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