Meet an Insurance Agent, Know this in Advance
hello welcome to the channel don’t forget to like comment and subscribe today we are going to talk about something special before meeting an insurance again choosing the right Insurance product can be confusing especially for those of us who are still new and do not have good knowledge or experience in the future plenty it is undeniable that insurance agents are described head that can preach the gap between the community and the insurance company.

Insurance agents help us to choose the right protection products according the current and future needs a chance will also help from the beginning of our process of buying an insurance policy to the claim process so what should be prepared before we meet an in science agents let’s see the review you learn understanding well what your purpose has insurance insurance is a financial product aimed at tackling or financial risks that are arise in our lives concerns cannot be equipped with investment that function to entire you to our Assets in the future  requirement of premiums or contributions from insurance membership is a cause or rooting expense and then foreign.

What kind of insurance product is right for someone with our links problem and needs is it life insurance health insurance or Insurance related to investment be open about your finances communicate happily with agents about Current financial conditions it can be said that insurance agent I act as financial counselor for product recommendation those premiums are in accordance with your financial commission but have optimal protection coverage we should know that there is no standard formula or ideal calculation regarding the amount of Premium based on your income this is because the level of links for each person is different therefore do not hesitate to consult and ask for the best input for agents agents can help provide a combination on the ability of prospecting customers to pay premiums to ensure the policy remains active and the benefits of insurance can be received don’t lie about your health in Insurance there is a process called underwriting underwriting can be defined as a process for assessing and classifying to the right direct level of the disorder and making decisions regarding risk acceptance it’s mandatory to be crying and honest about our current medical condition to the insurance agents ask for a complete explanation and don’t hesitate to have be more critical when Insurance adjusts offer their product to you.

Ask for a complete explanation of the benefits of coverage in detail the period of protection and so on understand the benefits of investing in unit cleaning products uniting is an insurance product that is associated with investment this product is often seen as a solution for those who need protection and investment in unit linked products there are securities who protocol are waste in money market and soft instruments fixed income and stocks don’t hesitate to ask questions about the underlying assets or the underlying assets of the unit name some is investment from the to your rings from those are the things you must prepare before meeting with audience orange again in essence it’s orange agents provide assistance as financial consultants and offers suitable products for prospective customers according to their needs the idea will be explained the product in detail the prospective customers agents will also assist in the product purchase process following process and service provided by Insurance service providers the customer relationship with the agent is a long-term relationship


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