welcome to my YouTube Channel please like comment and subscribe negle again under the Jonas eggs negligent under the Jonas is semen working apart suffering facial art intellects to maintenance and cure in the case of injury but if the employer is negligent they are intellite to further compensation the Jonas egg is similar to worker compensation for other types of worker the Jonas egg allows for compensation for semen much as the federal employer liability is providers compensation for railroad worker the main difference between workers compensation and the Jonas X is negligence for other types of employers worker compensation is available in the even of an injury no matter who was at fall from the injury Jonas Ace negligence means that an injured semen is intellied to compensation when the employer is negligence or at fall from the accident and then what is negligence the simple definition of negligence according to Nick Jonas Ace is the failure to use reasonable care reasonable care means Talking Dead expertise care for the safety and well-being of employers that any prudent person would being negligent means either doing something that a prudent person would not are filing to do something a reasonable prudence person will do to protect themselves employers and anyone else apart the fashion neglien and caution negligent does not always cause accident and injuries an employer may get away with negligent behavior and be lucky enough to avoid accident to prove negligence in the even of an accident on injury you have to prove both that the employer actives negligently and that this negligence caused the accident the negligence has to have played a part in the accident even if it is only a small part or if there were other factors involve its and an example of Jonas X negligence the definition of negligence is fruit and lived from for a number of action or in action on the part of an employer task with the responsibility of keeping a crew self for example negligence could include a failure to profile adequate training for the crew if crew members have not been properly trying to use equipment of have not been trained in 70 procedures this late call easily lead to an accident that caused 

    injuries the employer is also responsible for maintaining a facial in a state that is safe for the crew if the tech is cluttered with equipment or the equipment has not been maintenance properly this can lead to Excellence not having the right equipment to do the job is another potential problem the employer must also make sure that the official of white stock or other kind of weather to the best of his or her ability in the other to keep the crew safe confrontations between crew member could also fall under the category of negligence on the part of the employer if you are assaulted by another employer your employer could be negligence for allowing condition on the facial that lead to conflict and feelings and then avoid a low burden of proof the good news for semen injured on the job is that he or she has a low burden of proof when it comes to negligence in many other types of negligent cases the plaintiff is expected to prove that the dividend was the major cause of an accident in meditative injuries and accident under the Jonas X the semen only needs to prove that negligence on the part of the employer played any role in causing the accident even as little as one person well burden of proof is low for a plaintiff in a Jonas ex claim it is still important to be prepared to make your case if you find yourself in this situation a big part of this is having an experienced attorney on your side fighting for your right to 

    compensation the Jonas is and contract worker the Jonas eggs and contract worker the Jonas X is allowed that give right to a semen as described by the law and determined by court case if you are a seaman this law gives you the right to show your employer if you are injured you meet on the qualification and you can meet the low burden of the proof that your employer negligent contribute to your accident giving this compensation can be a big relief if you are injured have medical bills and are unable to work for a period of time unfortunately not all worker will qualify under the Jonas eggs whether or not a contract worker qualifies depend on many factors contract workers are not always include in all the right that an employer has but there are exception the genus actors provide for independent contractor who are not officially employed by owner of official but are working there under contract in certain situation if you are working as an independent contractor and not an employer of official and you have been injured while working on it you may have right too it’s important to understand what those rights are and exactly whether or who you qualify under the Jonas eggs so that you can get the compensation you need okay thank you for watching this article don’t forget to give like comment and subscribe


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