welcome to my Channel please like comment and subscribe in this article we are going to talk about Palm Beach Maritime lawyer the part of a Palm Beach in Rivera Beach Florida is the state for the busiest cargo and container shipping part cargo shipping makes up the bulk of the business in the world but there is one Cruise Line celebration that has set up operation here billion of dollars of cargo passes through Palm Beach every year making this a busy and economically significant part for the state and for the country working in the marketing industry is dangerous work and if you have a job as a semen on Ships coming into the part of Palm Beach or you work as a lawn chairman in the port area you take galleries to do your job knowing how dangerous the world can be it should come as some relief to know what you have ways to get compensation after an accident being injured mean you have medical bills and will miss out on a paycheck with Maritime loss though you can file claims to get the cash that will help you cover this cost a good Maritime lawyer in Palm Beach can help you make it happen the next discussion is about container shipping and accident as a busy container shipping part the part of a Palm Beach employs thousands of workers if you work as a lawn chairman or in other positions in the port there are many ways to take on a daily basis there are plenty of different types of accidents that could occur and cause you to be injured or even to die in the most tragic accident common part accident includes trips and slips that leads to fall this can cause Cuts scrapes and broken bones when the Falls are from greater heat like on walkways and ladders they can be fatal or how serious head neck or back injuries falls into the water and not uncommon in parts and can lead to drawings or even being crushed between a sheep and a dog there are also plenty of accidents that occur with the cargo and the equipment used to live and move it in container shipping large screens are used to move the containers and this can cause serious accident if the person operating them makes a mistake or if the equipment fails because it was not maintained or repaired correctly trucks moving cargo around the fort also cause accidents as to platform and forklifts in part our warehouses all kinds of accidents are possible from Falls from ladders platform and Scaffolding to Falling cargo electrical problems can cause accident and injuries as can wear houses fires if a warehouse is storing toxic semicol exposure can be a problem for workers these are just a few of the many possible ways in which part workers can be injured on the job especially in a busy sleeping part and there is also the example of a real accident there are plenty of real accidents that have occurred in and near the part of Palm Beach some accidents are truly accidental but the sad truth is that most of the uh that most are preventable if you work in this industry and have an accident chances are you can find some type of negligence to have been involved it may be that someone was not trained properly and made an error when operating equipment or that the walkways were not maintained walking or fall inevitable and whatever the reason was most accidents could have avoided with protocol measures in one such a tragic example a worker died in the Hall of a container ship in the port initial investigation were not able to determine why he was allowed into this area of the ship alone if proper prosecutors had been followed he would not have been in there alone and the accident could have been avoided as it happened he went into an opening that was too small become stuck and died despite the scores efforts to get him out of the sea and then not all Container shipping accident occur in part sometimes they happen RSC where semen do the dangerous work of operating and navigating these large vessels in 2015 an accident occurred with a container ship in the waters near Palm Beach 25 large containers felt of a barge heading from the port to Puerto Rico and were lost thankfully no one was hurt but someone made a big mistake and Not only was cargo lost but the containers were carrying batteries which caused pollution in the ocean and then Maritime law if you work in a marketing industry in Palm Beach or in the ship that come into Port here you have floods that protect you in the event that you are the victim of one of this accident if you qualify as a cement someone who worked mostly on the ship at Sea you are covered by maintenance and cure the doctrine of unsure worthiness the death on the high seas Act and the Jones act the later in is an important law because it allows you to seek compensation if you can show that your employer’s negligence played a role in your accident the burden of proof is low and the slow provides an important source of communication for a semen if you work in the port you probably qualify as a longshoreman or Harbor workers and may be able to get money through the loan Sherman and harbor workers communication act if you are involved in an accident to get money through this Federal program you don’t have to prove negligence was involved you only need to have been injured while on the job if the law will help you get money to cover your loss wages and medical bills if you die on the job your dependents are entitled to the same benefits and then the next discussion is about legal resources in Palm Beach being able to figure out which law applies in your situation to file a claim correctly and then battle against your employer to get the money you are only is not easy you can find an experienced Maritime lawyer in Palm Beach to help you navigate this complicated system of longstone a professional who has worked for other Maritime workers to get them the cash they deserve has to expertise you need to fight for your rights and do not let your employer or the insurance companies deny you the money you need to get back to work after an accident and work with a maritime lawyer and fight back I think that’s all guys the information that I can send to you and if you need information about margin law or any information about Maritime topics but you are in a right channel because in this channel we talk about it a lot guys and if you want us to talk about or discuss about the information that you need about Maritime topic you can just drop your comment in the comment section and later when we have a chance we will talk about it do the same thing if you have a question you can also drop your question in the comment section and later on we have the answer we will answer your question too guys and don’t forget to share this article to your friends family and your loved ones maybe they need information about Marathon topics and for example the information about the Jones act about Maritime lawyer in their region or something like that when you share this article to them it means you already helped them to get through their 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