Ship Salvage Accidents and Injuries in Maritime Accidents

        welcome to my YouTube Channel please like comment and subscribe sip sulfx accident and injury in Maritime accident Marina cellophix is the job of removing and recovering a sip and its cargo after an accident at Sea any number of accidents can lead to the necessity of selfish work including conclusion a cup sizing or Sinking accident or even just a mechanical failure that proven the ship from going back to part the work can be dangerous and save selfies accident May lead to injuries for worker or even fatalities Marina selfies and sulfurs a sulfur is a person that work in safe selfies there are generally considered semen as they spend much of their working hours on facial deadself with others medinal sulfate is typically done by companies and workers that specialize in this kind of work not by the workers that credits the ship that needs selfie kicks for ships that are simply experiencing mechanical failure and cannot head back to part under their own Steam the selfie team must tow it back many cases of safe selfies are more complicated through if the Sip has some capsize or run or grown the sulfate team has to float it write it or remove it carefully from Rose or Reef so that it can be done to a shipyard a park or a sea breaking facility and then about types of selfies the kind of work selfie companies to depend on the on the situation of sure sulfate rivers to rescuing a ship that is out to sea and has sunk cup size or become stranded this is particularly dangerous work because it is not near Land Harbor selfish self-banging ship within the Waters of a part or hubbers bosses it oven rates due to the right traffic nature of these areas sometimes a self-fade job is really a rape removal meaning that there is nothing to selfish but this ship need to be moved from its current location cargo cell fix refers to the sulfate of the cargo or sometimes the equipment of a record ship the ship itself May or not be removed depending on the certain tenses and then about the dangers of safe selfie worm the more complicated the work of a selfie job the risk current it is for the sulfurs there are many dangers that these workers face including all the risks of working at Sea that all semen face Falls overboard hypothermia throwning fires conclusion being struck with falling equipment or cargo or being injured by cranes and other type of 

    heavy equipment worker in selfie face additional and greater risk of being hard in this kind of accident because they work with a lot of heavy equipment like friends and floating dry dogs the rig is also greater because they often do the difficult work of lighting and refloating whole sip in the water wearing the movement of the water and the water pose further rings if a cell face ship is leaking oil or content other chemicals that are flammable or toxic the sulfur faced the risk of being burned or poisoned by inhalation a lot of selfish job require specifically working in the form of rivers this worker face particular risk on the job there are working in dangerous envirotment and doing it while underwater an equipment failure or an unstable prey or part of a ship that suddenly move can be dangerous and even fatter next about example of safe selfish and accident the biggest most expensive selfish job in history Was the removal of the cruise ship Costa Concordia from the Mediterranean Sea the tragic accident that grounded deceived in 20 kill 32 people it occurred when the captain made an error in Jacksonville and still the ship took Coast to shore the Sip hit crop and run agrone it capsize and reminded party partially sung in the water of the coast of an Italian Iceland the job of self hanging the 

    Costa Concordia was enormous and cause over 1 billion it took more than two years due to the delicates nature of the world and answering that by moving the same the water and its ecosystems will not be containments contaminated any others dozens of people work to selfish deceived doing dangerous job including diving in below and around the precariously capsize ship in fact one of those selfish workers end up losing his life doing the job the driver have been working on installing thanks to the side of the ship with swirl fails without the floats it and bring it and bring it right set up the worker cut his leg on a piece of metal and become stuck there better time another driver was able to free him and bring him up to the surface he had played exceptionally he died soon after the incident in another sulfate accident no one was hurt or kind but worker calls an oil spill that contained the English kennel thank you for watching this article don’t forget to give like comment and subscribe


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