hi guys welcome back to my channel so today in this article I would like to read an article entitled SVG Coast Guard advisors graduates from International maritime law Institute press release on October 19 2022. Freddy of pretty advisor Mr tweet Luis congratulations and extend to preview advisor Mr trade Luis on graduating with distinctions and honors with a degree in international Maritime role from The International meritable Institute this United Nation Institute situated in Malta to south of Italy this is the top categories worldwide of maybe time legal education Mr Dwight Lewis graduated winning the transport Malta prize for best performance in shipping low smalta is a leading flag state in the maritime legal education sheep and superia registration this is a distinct achievement and demonstrated the hard work intellect and skill that Mr Ruiz persists possesses Mr tree Dwight Luis was awarded a scholarship funded by the international Maritime organizations or Imo on recommendations from the SVG Maritime Administration to undertake his master program director hiron Jackson and his first predecessor cmdr should definitely Robin who both attended the world may retire University’s wedding demonstrate a commitment to Maritime education by recommending individuals to add then I am l i SVG still have still has one of the biggest ship registerized in the worldwide with over 150 cargo vessels and other ship flying its flag Mr Luis lecturers lawyers and academics from countries like the United Kingdom United States Sierra Leone Algeria and Honduras speak highly of Mr Luis and his military time expertise which is partially a tribute to his practical knowledge and experience from the sfg SVG Coast Guard the IMO Secretary General Mr Kita Klim is his annual address to 2022 graduated State you have the privilege of being educated at imla imli a center of excellence in international maritime law that is disseminations of knowledge and expertise in the field and a Cornerstone of IMO’s integrated technical cooperation program the mli graduates are intended to assess countries with incorporation of IMO conventions as of October 2022 SVG has as Fiji has incorporated 29 IMO convention this year the course held 56 movie Time Professional including Mr Lewis from more than 25 different countries this is a Hallmark of international courses like imli the exposes the candidate to nationalities and culture they would not always encounter this is also the nature of international trade and shipping or IML I graduate this are trained in maritime law as well as legislative drafting which is a significant part of this rigorous course previous graduated include Mrs Zinga horn Edwards a lawyer and Maritime specialist who graduated in 1997 and Mr 7f service Charles a lawyer legislative drafter and former local advisor for their Maritime Administration who graduated in 2016. for maritime law education imli is highly highly recommended because one word class education you are told by the imli teaching staff and visiting lecturers from the world international bodies like the United Nations or IMO as well as universities including Arts Oxford completing universities in Germany sweating to name a few incomprehensive areas of maritime law and security and then the second is network imli is a school where all candidates represent their home Industries home countries majority of candidates stay in touch after the course and are very useful in their professional roles as shipping low constantly involves other nationalities the third is carrier assessment advancement and applicable knowledge many imli graduates go on to represent their countries in international forums such as the IMO SMY technical cooperation analytical commits for example head of IMO legal affairs prosecutor of the national Criminal Court vehicle officer in various Maritime Administration it is not worthy them service is among the last imle graduate to have been told by professional Professor David a third a former lecturer at the University of Oxford and imli director profession Professor attorneys career spends over 30 years training over 1 000 Maritime Professionals in more 150 States and has turned imle mli into a wood a worldwide Center for academic Excellence he is currently the president of the chamber for marine environment dispute and a sitting Church on the international Tribunal for the professor For the Love of the shipping vice president Professor Norman Martinez could the rest and extremely talented experience very time lawyer and academic has been selected as the new director of imli in July 2022 so that’s all the article bye bye and see you on my next article bye


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