hi welcome to my channel please like comment and subscribe according to the social security administrations one in four of these you’re 20 years old will become disabled during their career statistically speaking people are more likely to become disabled than they are to die before retirement nonetheless it is 14 percent of americans on disability insurance compared to the 54 percent that own life insurance disability insurance useful yet undersold it’s an untaped opportunity for insurance against and brokers so here are several more reasons why you should consider adding disability insurance to your product arsenal first the underwriting and application process for

disability insurance had always been a disaster it is one of the main reasons income protection has remained unsaved not many products had a more dire need than disability insurance to be swept up by the injured tax wave with so many unique occupational factors to consider in the underwriting process applying for disability insurance was terribly clunky and usually took months this is especially true for ninety 1990s and freelancers who have a more difficult time predicting their regular income disability insurance was simply not worth the time so both consumers and attend stayed away but injured texts and their use of productive analytics to expedite and digitize underwriting no longer makes a clunky process a valid excuse technology has finally caught up to that disability insurance intertext like price has reduced according to seconds and applying to minutes it’s also available entirely online in addition to having a gtc side for of the business most of these turnkey and share tech platforms are primarily designed to be used by agents and brokers want to efficiently scale a new product vertical and manage it all in one place finally modernize for today’s consumer there is no better time for insurance professionals to start selling

disability insurance second disability insurance represents one of the more sensible cross-selling opportunities for agents and brokers there’s long-term disability insurance and short-term disability insurance but the jew can go hand-in-hand for the right consumer long-term coverage often carries us waiting period of around 90 days which can be too long for some folks who need a regular flow a paycheck to keep up with life’s expenses disability insurance can have a breathing period of just seven days sometimes it’s even shorter than that if your client has bought and suffers a qualifying disability they can start receiving benefits fairly quickly with short-term disability insurance this replacement income can keep them financially afloat until long-term benefits kick in it’s a strong cross-sell pitch for agents and brokers and just no reason to add disability insurance to their arsenal third just 19 percent of u.s employees have access to paid leave through their employer the u.s is the only developed country without a federal paid leave policy five states and virtual records require employers to have offered short-term disability insurance the reality for most americans is that social security supplement insurance or ssdi is the only safety net against disability and with this federal program 97 of claims are denied usually the result for qualifying for ssgi is that the disability must last 12 months or is expected to result in death workers compensation isn’t a fully viable option either as the program requires the disability to happen on the job americans have feel to no option to protect themselves and their loved one against disability and income loss disability insurance is likely to pass back for most consumers in the country and this makes it an excellent opportunity for a chance fourth nourish and

disability insurance sales have laid four years is because the coverage is not fully understood by the consumers and sometimes even against when people think disability the initial thought is usually physically injurious things like broken hands or broken legs and while the civilization does in fact cover physical injuries it also covers medical illnesses and mental health struggles things like cancer digestive disorder depression anxiety and pregnancies are among the most commonly cite reasons for disability insurance claim in fact the council of disability awareness for 90 percent of long-term disability are result of illnesses rather than accidents thank you so much for watching don’t forget to like comment and subscribe


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