The Relevance of Getting Driving Records With Auto Insurance

Auto insurance companies can access driving records because the federal or state department allows them to. This goes to say that getting driving record is easy for them. You might wonder just what the driving record is all about. What is the relevance of the record to auto insurance?

Companies determine the price of the auto insurance policy by several factors including driving records. The driving record reveals risk that the insurance company has for a particular driver. It records the driver’s traffic violation and accidents. This is relevant because insurance companies base their evaluation on the risk that they are facing with the driver. The more violations and accidents on the driving record, the more risk of claims and damages that the company will face when they issue the policy to the driver. With higher risk, the company will charge higher rate to the driver compared to others who have clean driving records. Getting driving record is then a top priority for insurance companies before they provide quotes to drivers.

There are two things that insurance companies see in the driving record: the major violation and minor violation. Getting driving record with major violation means that the driver needs to be pay high premiums for the policy. Minor ticket may be minor but if matched with major violations, it is also subject to high rates. Speeding ticket is a minor violation. But when we talk of speeding ticket and auto insurance it becomes relevant if it is recurrent or caused other violations. In other words, speeding ticket and auto insurance is an important consideration. The first speeding ticket in a driving record may not affect the premium. But when the speeding ticket has other minor or major violations, the insurance companies will think twice issuing regular premium to the driver because it means that instead of rectifying the mistake, the driver rather did it again, thus possible risk may happen. Speeding ticket and auto insurance are then something that you need to look into when you own a car and needs to buy or renew policy.

So before you buy auto insurance, getting driving record will help you know your records and evaluate what to expect. This is even true if you had been issues traffic violation ticket. Even if its just speeding ticket, it would mean something from the insurance company. Remember speeding ticket and auto insurance is associated in a way especially if the speeding ticket caused other major violations. Getting driving record can be done through online or upon request form the state department.


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