there are two types of car insurance claims
hello welcome to my Channel please like comment and subscribe there are two types of car insurance claims always mtlo here are the difference and the specifications it’s important to have manager Insurance to ease the burden or expenses when suddenly an accident occurs car insurance has the benefit of being able to provide protection from the risk of damage or accidents and is burning to be able to increase the sense of security for each other insurance one documents the statements are closed the most expensive thing you have to do if you want to fire and always can insurance claim is a document the damage or lose them after to your friendship after documenting it you must immediately make a report to the influence Company by attaching evidence of damage on loss in additions also attach other subjective documents such as a photocopy of C spmp policy food and a certificate from the police to contact the agent the easiest way to climb our rice called insurance submitting and arise incidents claim thus stop only have to be done in the city of origin the reason is you can also do it when you are out of town sweet how to train your church always tell insurance fill out the pain from after getting a workshop recommendation for feeling a claim

The Next Step you have to do is fill out the form profile for coffee with the insurance company when all is fulfilled the workshop will come in with the insurance company if your claim is accepted the repair shop will immediately carry on the Philippines process to your furniture how to claim clo Insurance our total loss only car insurance will only plan a claim if the car suffers a total loss or exceeds 75 percent the indicator is the damage suffered by at least 70 percent of the total are experiencing death usually you automatically get clo insurance if you buy a credit card however you can also buy it yourself if you buy a car in cash following is required to submitting a TLO insurance claim if the issue card is lost the claim process begins with making a loss report in absence at the police station where the incident occurred you will be asked to make a right and chronology of events attach a number of required requirements such as political ID card driver’s license stmp data cabin or if any and of course report letter from the police submit are the documents to the interest company thank you don’t forget to like comment and subscribe bye


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