welcome to my Channel please like comment and subscribe situated on the far Northern Atlantic Coast of Florida Fernandina Beach is home to the busy Port of Fernandina it is a natural deep water part near Amelia Island and close to the border with Georgia to the north the park is home to kinder margin of the paper pop industry but also has terminals serving independent container shipping from various International locations the main Imports for the port are Lumber steel and Walpole ships leaving Fernandina Beach are mostly carrying a wood product would help still and then treated lumber and crab flying apart Fernandina is not the state’s largest body and it cannot compete with the big Cruise terminals of other Florida ports but it is an important shipping part bringing in and sending out tons of cargo every day workers here at the Port as well on the cargo ships coming and going are working in dangerous industry they are covered though by federal Maritime law which helps to ensure compensation for injuries and illnesses from wartime accident the next discussion is about accident facing Fernandina workers if you are the part of Fernandina or on board one of the many ships that comes into the port there are many ways in which you could be the victim of an accident while on the job in the port launcher man’s truck drivers create operators warehouse workers ship repairers and other types of workers are vulnerable to many types of accidents for example Falls personal platform Warehouse roofs catwalks and walkways dogs ladder and other locations have to be transferred Travels by these workers and Falls are possible false can cause mineral to measure injuries and even can be fatal cargo accident are also common in part for example a cream used to load and unload cargo could fail if not properly maintained or if a worker operating it makes a mistake if that happens very happy cargo can drop onto a work or strike someone and cause fatalities and serious injuries from broken bones to head and back injuries trucks and forklifts that move cargo around the park may also cause accidents especially when a worker is not paying attention or has not communicated properly with other workers on the cargo and container shape that come into the port semen are vulnerable to a number of accidents as well if you work on one of these ships you may be the victim of bad weather rough water and falling off a bird or Sinking with the shape shapes are also often the same of this extreme accident like slaves trips and falls falls from later and stairs accident with Machinery engine room accident electrical equipment malfunction and onboard fires and then legal resources for a semen if you are a semen working in the part of Fernandina and you are injured on the top you have legal resources to get compensation as I see when you are entitled to maintenance and cure if you are injured on the ship our compensation from the doctrine of unsue worthiness if you can prove that something about the vessels was unworthy this could be anything from untrained workers to missing safety equipment to leaks that cause the ship to take on water you might find that your employer wants to deny you a compensation for your injuries but if you can show that the ship owners negligence played even just a smaller in your accident you can file John’s air claim to fight for the compensation the money can help you pay for your medical bills cover the wages you have lost well of the job and even go for the expenses related to your injuries including this managed future earnings the burden of proofing negligence for the Jones Act is small and it’s not difficult to do for most Injured Workers and then the next legal resources for a Long Sherman if you work in the park most of the time you might not qualify as a seaman under the Jones act but you probably qualify for money through the longshoremen and harbor workers communication act this federal workers compensation program is designed to provide money for harboring part workers who have been injured on the job regardless of whether any negligence can be proven if your employer does not want to pay you know that you have right to communication through this federal law often it is the employer insurance company refusing to pay but you are entitled to compensation that will help you get well again and get back to your work the next discussion is about getting help from a Fernandina Beach marketing lawyer if this all sounds a little confusing and complicated You Are Not Alone Federal marketing law is not easy to navigate you have to understand which logs apply to you under which although you can file a claim how to file that claim what step to take next and you have to make sure you do it all before the statute of limitation runs out without guidance it is easy to make mistake that can prevent you from getting the money you need instead of trying to go it alone when seeking commentation for your injuries rally on the expertise of a professional there are multiple lawyers available in an around Fernandina Beach who can help you make your case and guide you through all the crucial steps you have to take to get your money a lawyer can help you file a claim can be your presentation during arbitration and can even litigate for you if your case goes in front of the judge or a jury if you find yourself in a difficult position or being injured on the job in the marketing industry don’t try to fight your employer alone rally on an experienced marketing lawyer to get you through this and to get you what you owe it I think that’s all guys the information that I can share to you thank you so much for watching and if you need information about Maritime topics or any information about Maritime topic you are in the right channel recently Channel we talk about it a lot and if you guys want us to talk about or discuss about the information that you need you can just drop your comment below on the comment section and later when we have a chance we will talk about it guys do the same thing if you have a question you can also drop your question in the comment section and later when we have the editor and time you will answer we will also answer your question guys and don’t forget to share this article to your friends family and your loved one maybe they need information about Maritime topics for example maybe they need information about the Jones act about lhwce or they need information about that on high seas act or maybe about Maritime lawyer and there are so so many uh information about Marathon topics in this Channel and if you share this article to them and they need the information it means you already helped them to get through their problems too and uh I hope you like the way I explained the information and I hope you can take advantage from the article that I’ve shared to you guys thank you so much for watching don’t forget to give like comment and subscribe bye bye see you in 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