hi welcome to my channel please like comment and subscribe the best strategy to build money and protect the family’s feature in the terrible keys of the public holidays passing is via life insurance there are two ways to obtain life insurance first true term plans which provide life insurance for the protection of families or true investment plans which assist in asset building and provide financial stability to help people achieve the financial goal according to insurance terms and conditions anyone male or female between the ages of 18 and 65 can process life insurance in india smokers can get life insurance just like non-smokers albeit the premium costs may vary additionally

when purchasing a life insurance policy individuals must disclose to the insurance their smoking habit if they can show that they support their family people with disabilities can also get the finest life insurance coverage in order to calculate the insurance premium depending on the level of risk involved they must also undergo medical exams life insurance is available for those with pre-existing medical issues they must disclose and any pre-existing medical issues to the insurance provider because life is unpredictable it is the best to take precautions for your family’s safety now rather than later below are a view of the main justification and advantages of getting life insurance first is wealth generation you have the chance to build wealth with some life insurance policies these plans invest your premium in various investment classes in addition to providing life insurance to provide batteries adjusted returns that out perform inflation and increase your corpus the second debt incentive in the event of a tragic circumstance involving the insured the insurer offers financial security in the way of a debt benefit

the selected annuity is averted to full amount granted as well as any policies that have occurred over time third critical illnesses with a life policy you can choose a critical illness rider that provides protection against serious medical conditions including cancer renal failures and cardiovascular problems in this way the financial aspect of medical crisis won’t be a concern for you or your family fourth financial planning life insurance policies serve for long-term investment to achieve a variety of life goals in addition to providing financial protection in the case of an unexpected debt you may make wise financial plans for various life prices by bracing insurance coverage at the appropriate age five benefits related to taxes under section atc of the indian income tax act of 1961 policyholders may receive a tax credit functional premiums payments of a maximum of 1.53 payloads and additionally

the premiums paid for writers with critical sickness can be claimed under section att and reimbursement obtained from such an injury is free from text under section 10 or 10d of the internal revenue code flexible premium policy holders have the options of flexible premium payment schedule with they may customize to their needs for a life insurance policy for instance you may decide whether to pay the premiums in one single sum or over the course of several recurring payments 7 income insurance for retirement you may use life insurance as a financial tool to make retirement plans your retirements might be derived from the dependable payments it can provide in the quiz of 90s eight loan program depending on the terms and condition of the policy certain

life insurance policy offers a choice of loan and permit borrowing of a certain percentage of the plan value or the sum insured nine peace of mind the best level of peace of mind comes from having life insurance if a person were to pass away they would understand your family members would have accept the net in case of financial need we’ll have certain financial applications but having enough life insurance guarantees that your bills or tier ones would be financially handled 10 writers add-ons your existing bets plan such as critical sickness waiver or premium and etc let you tailor the coverage to meet your individual needs thank you so much for watching don’t forget to like comment and subscribe


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