what is a pre existing condition in insurance
hello welcome to the channel don’t forget to like comment and subscribe today we are going to talk about what is a pre-existing condition in insurance life insurance and health insurance recognize the term free existing condition the storm refers to a condition where the prospective customer has a story of certain diseases before the policy is in effect before the policy recovery takes event or to burn the policy benefit change things effect after going through the underwriting process insurance companies generally issue several decisions to respective customers who have pre-existing conditions normally accept accept with Expressions accept with high ground premiums or abuse takes on providing incorrect information about pre-existing conditions prospective customers need to fill out a life insurance application letter and a health insurance application letter honestly including discussing facts about pre-existing conditions because if in the future the customer makes a claim for a condition that has been suffered before applying for the policy that does not mention it in the life insurance application letter or health insurance application letter the insurance company can cancel the policy and refuse to submit a claim on the basis of not uploading the insurance policy relate to an utmost good faith what if you have a pretty existing conditions.

However if you have a pre-existing condition you don’t need to worry because as mentioned earlier prospective customers with pre-existing conditions still have the opportunity to obtain Insurance protection by honestly conveying the pre-existing conditions regarding pre-existing conditions the following things you need to pay attention to in the policy number one waiting targets the customer needs to go through a waiting period to be able to submit a claim for several types of bonus in accordance with the professions of the policy as long as the history of the disease can has been included in the life insurance application letter and is accepted as standard by the insurance company for example if a customer has something of his own not in the life insurance application method and it is served by the company standard then the customer only needs to pass a waiting period before submitting a point on the other hand if the customer does not submit his medical history in life insurance application letter even through the waiting period has passed company May reject the claim submissions the customer has been required.

Cured free existing condition for State diseases can also be explored if the customer has been declared cured by a doctor or Hospital for example prospective customers have been diagnosed with health problems and routinely perform many medic as treatment and are declared cured then when applying for insurance prospective customers submit our information about their illness and are asked to undergo a series of free medical checkups conflict with sports tests and test health policy accept with high choreography in addition insurance companies can also accept insurance application with pre-existing conditions but with high care premiums as proficiently excited insurance is a financial product that provides protection to customers in the even outbreaks to enjoy these protections customers need to pay a premium regularly the amount of the premium depends on the level of risks that will be born by the insurance company in protecting customers from the explanation above helpfully you know understand more about pre-existing conditions in the instruments having a pre-existing condition does not mean that we cannot have health insurance and life incident protection all you need to do is disclose these pre-existing condition correctly and honestly when for instance


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