Why DO We Hate Shopping For Auto Insurance Quotes So Much ?

There are a lot of things in life that get a bad rap. Getting a root canal, for example. How many people who say, “It’s worse than a root canal” have actually had a root canal? It’s a safe bet that the number’s less than half. The rest of them only heard about it via word of mouth and decided they were willing to play along. Anyone that says, “I really, really hate shopping for auto insurance quotes”, on the other hand, has usually done it at least once and knows what they’re talking about.

So why does the average driver hate shopping for auto insurance quotes? There are any number of explanations. You’ve probably heard the following at least once in your life:

· They’re always too expensive.

· I can never get a real person on the phone.

· You end up jumping through hoops to save $10 a month.

· It’s impossible to actually get a quote from everyone. You just have to pick one and hope you’re right.

· The guy didn’t know what he was talking about.

Are you nodding yet? I know you’ve heard them. I’ve heard them. All of them. You can’t be in the business of auto insurance quotes and NOT have heard them! What this all boils down to, however, isn’t a conspiracy on the part of the auto insurance industry. Nine times out of ten, if you’re complaining about shopping for auto insurance quotes it’s because you’re doing it wrong!

3 Rules for Taking the Loathing Out of Shopping for Auto Insurance Quotes

Rule Number 1: Shop for auto insurance quotes online.

We live in the digital information age. Everybody and their brother is doing business on the Internet. In fact, if your company isn’t out on the web it may as well not even exist! That being the case, why would you shop for auto insurance quotes anywhere else?

Rule Number 2: Know your discounts

We were all new once. Still learning the ins and outs of our responsibilities, still more than a little unsure about how to do our jobs. While it’s nice to imagine that you could absolutely, positively rely on your insurance company’s call center to know what they’re talking about, the simple truth of the matter is that you can’t. They’re still learning, which means that while they may or may not appreciate it you’re going to be helping both of you if you know the discounts you qualify for ahead of time.

Rule Number 3: Drive carefully.

We all hate doing things when we know there’s going to be bad news at the end…and really, who can blame us? That being the case, knowing you’re going to be handed ridiculously high auto insurance quotes can turn you off of the idea of shopping for them fairly quickly! The good news is, driving safely is the best way to make sure you save on your insurance. Why not let that work for you?


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