welcome to my Channel please like comment and subscribe modern Maritime law is an interesting combination of some of the oldest supering standards imaginable and new regulation that were necessitated as the industry changed over time since ancient times maritime law has carbon topics including Insurance Salvage and the protection of ship workers let’s discuss why the law of the sea developed as it did then review a brief history of Maritime law and the protection that the court traditionally provides to those who work on a fashion was first documented at the time of ancient Egypt to feel very real need in the Civilized World in order for it to flourish ships needed to be able to travel from port to port with a reasonable expectation of safety and fair trade differing Customs LED local courts and tribunals to be locally based eventually it become clear that disputes needed to be settled in a single court system ship owners and captains might employ Sailors from all along their trade Road and could need a clear understanding of how the semen or their families would be compensated if they were seriously injured or lost at sea establishing the rights and responsibilities of partnership owners in the former law was essential to trade between nation and city-states many of the old laws persist today because most of the challenge and Hazards of Marketing Group remain the same these jobs were and continue to be Dangerous Ones maintaining a seaworthy vessels and providing maintenance and cure to workers on board have always been Prime responsibilities of shape and Faith owners ship owners who do not abide by the court faced claims in admiralty courts or in other National courts that are pawned by monitor these courts have jurisdiction over many aspects of the shipping and passengers cross Industries now as in the past Sailors can have legal Advocate or marketing accident lawyer by their side when making a claim for injuries sustained at Sea while there were Unwritten customs of it of marketing Behavior among the Egyptians quake and policies the earliest formal courts were established on the island of promotes as early as 900 before placed and the law continues to evolve into the modern day the origin of this set of rules for the Mediterranean Sea began forming approximately 900 before Chris and was well established by 300 before Greece governing suffering trade and crime death in the area it influenced Roman love from the point until 100 2080. the rhodian sea laws established a uniform standard for the treatment of medicine ships as they move from port to port and it introduced the concept that disputes racing at Sea must be decided by the maritime law of Their audience rather than its locals called or conceals then the Consulate of the sea as the Romans made use of the rhodium laws special tribunals were created to rule on disputes between vessels Parts medicines and semen between 1080 and 1380 three separate gods of Maritime law and court system developed in the Mediterranean the oldest of this was consolator Del Mary on the Consulate of the sea which was concentrated around the Italian Seaport of Barcelona Spain the Consulate of the sea sought to address all aspects of the customary laws of the sea it defines specifics regarding ownership of ships the responsibilities of a ship owner and Captain the offered contribution selfish provides the duties of sealer and how much they should be paid then only European courts of the sea from the building walls of the sea in the Mediterranean the early European maritimers were further formalized by 1150-18 these were summarized in the Black Book of the admiralty in 1336 and were heavily influential in shaping and military law from the poem on some of the notable legal Concepts still honored today come directly from these examples the loss of wispy Baltic equation the loss of hansathons Germanic religion and the loss of all Iron French writing the English system of admiralty law the laws of whis being Hansa and all iron are considered the three pillars upon which British admitted alone was built keeping the fundamentals of historic sea love the admiralty courts in England were challenged with the Industrial Revolution in the last half of the 1700s the codes were updated for the change that engines brought to the industry for and for growing complexities in international relations Astrid become more global standing somewhat separated from the other English courts the admiralty cards hurt all nautical cases including those of the British colonies the English admiralty cards were unpopular in the New World and the way may have played a part in the American decoration they were charged with enforcing the stem act and as is customary under Marathon law those trials were without a theory the next Maritime law in America despite being a possible trigger role for revolution European admiralty Doctrine was well established and a practical necessity for the new nation as admiralty cases arose they become part of American law as well many of the founding fathers and famous historical figures were themselves at Melody lawyers even back in 1789 when the U.S Constitution was adopted there was the same need for a good margin accident lawyer to protect ship owners Shivers and ship workers law in the United States governs Marine Commerce pollution and navigation safer in cargo and passengers then Marine insurance and selfish rsfc ship collisions towards and lines personal injury claims where the incident occurred at Sea then maintenance and cure for injured sleep workers in general any cases where the court may need jurisdiction over marketing property as early as 1180 A.D the concept of Maintenance and cured has accepted has existed as part of Maritime law the obligation of the ship owner has historically been to pay for medical care and device for the Sailor injured in selfies of the vessel this is considered the Cure that maintenance is the ship owner’s obligation to cover living expenses while workers recover until they are fit for the duty if these are not provided to internship workers they have to established right to show ship owners for maintenance and cure as well as attorney fees phonetic damages may even be awarded in cases where the failure to profit maintenance and cure is willful and Benton thank you very much for watching don’t forget to always give your like comment share and subscribe see you in the other article 


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