Workers’ Rights in Work Accidents
welcome to my Channel please like comment and subscribe directs of worker will have a work and student work and children are things that can happen during work our work has its our risks and therefore workers must be protected the one that provides protection if of course the company where the worker work the company is obligated to provide real and clear protection so that workers still feel safe when working therefore companies are required to provide health insurance and work protection for their employers this is regulated by in the state and is not negot table if there are companies that do not provide protection of core workers can shoot and the company get punishment during the project a company should have standard standard work

safety especially for workers who work on heavy projects for example the company providers Pro protective helmet fire extinguisher and various other standards that really have to be put in place around workers this is not only to protect workers but also to make the protect run smoothly of course is one of the quarker has an accident the company will lose a person who can have them in the completing the target companies must treat them with the best and then when when an accident occur there are there are right that can be obtained by worker below are the stripe one get enough handling time directed worker can get when they have an accident is to get enough healing time this means that a good company will definitely wait until its worker can be healthy again and allow them to work as usual the ceiling time is not limited it can take stay it can even takes month depending on the condition experienced by in the workers the worker have work as well as possible so that the company can not arbitrarily determine the recovery period the company is not allowed to limit the healing time with us on places the will usually get information from Doctor Who handle workers will have uncertain so you should still follow the advice

recommended by the doctor salary issues can be discussed internally usually the worker will not get a salary if their month he has not been able to continue his work according to the schedule however workers still have other rights that the teacher two can be far a far if you have a disability if a worker has a disability the company cannot simply fire for him or her the situation must be seen first whatever he can continue his work in his field are not if you are fair because of a work incident it will be very painful moreover the accident did not happen because of his will this must be this question internally for how to continue the career of the worker in the company companies must be a bill to provide Alternatives that do not harm workers if the worker is a head of the household or is the only source of income for his family it is only natural for the company to provide him with upload assistant if a possible worker can change the efficient no there are quite a number of companies that employ disabled employees because they are also have abilities that rigidly have the companies perform and the three get treatment at the hospital until Health worker are in until it the treatment in hospital at a course covered by insurance this treatment is not done how creatively and must get proper treatment until it holds the company can also monitor the condition of its workers who are still in the hospital and provide moral support to the work so that the spirit of recovery increase the company also has a take care of the course of hospital treatment with Squid lot this is where the company must make a claim against Insurance on Bay worker thank you watching for this article don’t forget to like comment and subscribe


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