You Should Know the things that can Cause a Car Insurance claim to be Rejected
welcome to my Channel please like comment and subscribes as always car owner you will ensure you far will it whistle with a car insurance because this type of insurance will provide compensation when something unexpected happens to your vessel however many of us do not fully understand the insurance policies they have so sometimes the claims we submit are rejected

1. for one reason or another’s it’s good for us to know the common things that can cause our car insurance claims to be rejected as listen below generally there are certain conditions that cause the submission of the car insurance claim to be rejected any things check out the volume the following review one polyselepsy police conditional conditions are not active or lepsy can make the claim rejective this condition can occur if the premium has not been paid beyond the maximum time limit so that the insurance company cannot pay

2. your claim too they make happen before if you file an exciting to make claim before registering for insurance you can be sure that your claim will not be accepted

3.  tweaking the rules if the driver of the insurance car feels the traffic rule the claim will also be rejected some example of common Fuel and fuel addiction that often occur are not having a driver recency or Sim or driving while Trump in addition disappearing traffic sign can lead to accident also pay attention to the location of the accident if the car is created while in the certain area that is not included in the contract agreement state in the police the claim may be rejected

4. the police is not inviting periods The Whiting period is a period of one month after after the police is issued where the customer has not been able to submit a claim if there is a risk during that time the claim may be rejected

5. International Deming you cannot file a claim if the car they make is international for example accidentally pressing the car into another car or hiding the vessel until it spring card that asks Coffins on purpose such as crossing the car into another car or hiding

6. the official so that it is crucial cannot get a claim say there are additional accessories that are not reported it is important important to report any additional accessories installed on the car on the insurance company so that the copper value can be calculated accurately the reason is if you forget to submit this report you claim might the rejected

7. incomplete claim document documents are a mandatory requirement in filling a car insurance claim the file you submit will be verified with by the insurance company so you should pay attention to its completeness so that the claim is not rejected X does not complete the required file

8. when you want to submit an insurance claim you are required to complete all the required document which have been certified in your insurance policy if not fulfilled or accidentally forgotten one document it could be that your claim will be rejected for that always prepare and complete the document needed so that your car insurance claim can be accepted by the insurance company

9. the time limit set for filling a claim has passed in addition to Preparing the file you also have to ignore the deadline for submitting a claim set by the insurance company usually in the limit for submitting a car insurance claim is 4 hours after the accidents thank you for watching this article don’t forget give like comment and subscribe


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